I'm With Lillylou

Just read Lilly's status. She's "avoiding tasks as per usual" here on EP. Yay Lilly! Can we start a fellowship of procrastination??? or maybe just join this one established here on EP by those who have gone before us. Perhaps you're already a member.

I think I am well qualified for this group. Thousands of outstanding projects, accumulated over 20 years of adulthood. Woo hoo!

Show me my next distraction, please.

rojblake rojblake
36-40, M
7 Responses Dec 28, 2009

Never put off till tomorrow what you can do in 6 month's time. It's a pity Tony Blair didn't procrastinate in 2003.

*bows to LV*<br />

You actually need a physical distraction to procrastinate?<br />
<br />
I procrastinate for no visible reason.

Inku my sort-of-resolution for 2010 is to finish all the things I started in 2009. Similar idea perhaps?<br />
<br />
Hope some of your dreams find their way into your reality :)

Lilly you just make me feel better about myself. I am in highly esteemed company.

Oh I didn't mean literally WG :)

How about some landscaping Roj :) :) :) : ) :) :) :) ;)