But EP only makes this worse.

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Well now that you all have cleaned the kitchen I can wait till tomorrow to do anything else.

I am a great at procrastinating. Three weeks ago, my doctor wanted me to get some blood work done and I have not gone yet. I think it was due to my last visit when I was poked in my arm, ny arm hurt for a few days afterward,

Embrace it, I say. :-)

Yes, I totally agree!

Of course I'm supposed to be working right now (2 big meetings tomorrow to prep for)

but I am playing around on EP...Good call

Oh yay, and it is almost lunch time :D

Thanks. :) Unfortunately, I like the addiction a little too much to be inspired to find a cure.

The Now Habit by Neil Fiore (I think that's his name) helped me so maybe it will help you stop procrastinating and start living :)



it's ok, we can deal w it later....

hi y'all!

Oops. A little slow tonight, hahaha.


not scared off....just....goin' w the group name....


Yay for another cook. I hope you people will help me clean my kitchen after this. There is flour everywhere.

Not with the right friends around, Des.

We scared Sarah off...



Sorry Scooby, I ate all the cookies. I couldn't help it, they were chocolate chip, my favorite. ;-) But I will make some more right now to add to the table! LOL

We have two naked cowboys now? This could be an interesting evening after all.

Destry, yes. Lots of ice cream. Whatever flavor you want. From boring vanilla to more exotic flavors. :D

Eat up folks. I'm gaining weight just thinking about all the food.

Don't look at me - I left my ten gallon hat back on the ranch...

I'm here for the cheesecake. Now...where did that naked cowboy get to?? ;)

Where'd the cookies go! WHO ATE ALL THE COOKIES!?!? And where's my pizza? Oh, sorry, wrong story.

Looks like we're going to need a bigger table....Ok. Pie, cheesecake, strawberries and blueberries. AND ice cream. Hot tea and coffee. Maybe we should eat dinner first. (Sorry. mommy moment.)

Ice Cream!

No! Wait! I love pie!! I'm not a fan of cheesecake or blueberries! Pie!!

I'll take a little of each. And did someone mention ice cream?

Scratch the pie, Karumbey. Let's have cheesecake. WIth blueberries on top. YUM.

I know, I mean what am I supposed to do when as soon as I finish sending a note or a gesture, someone posts a story about loving cheesecake!! How much can be expected of a person?! LMAO teehee.

Well, that's no good. Sit down over here. We'll talk about it over a cup of coffee and some pie.

So much talk about food today! I keep snacking because of you guys! And procrastinating! And blaming others for my actions! Lol!

It isn't my fault that I get messages and comments cleared off..and then someone posts a story in the "I love Mac and Cheese" group. These are important things to know, don't you think?

Unfortunately, I know what you are talking about all to well Glow. EP does not help a procrastinater like me. LOL

Haha!! You said it, not me. :P *offers cookies and ice cream while we sort this out*

We should take lessons from you Des - you are actually staying off the net a good bit these days.

*cry* MEANIE!

Well, I had some other things to do, but I suppose we could talk about this a little more, K.

Scooby, when "undoable poop" is your list makes perfect sense. :) (Told you I'm terrible at this motivation thing.)