I procrastinate on nearly everything. Not sure why. I never really tried in school, though I seem to be able to convince everyone that really am trying.

In elementary school I did anything but do schoolwork. They put me into a program to give me support on my academic skills.. I was a bit upset about that because I thought I was smart, or at least average. Anyway, the new program I was placed in was ridiculously easy, as, for grades 5 and 6, we pretty much went back to grade 1. A regular grade 5 or grade 6 class would be doing multiplication - and remembering the multiplication table up to 7x7, French, a project on Ancient Greece, and reading books in English. What we did was basically all spelling of simple words. I excelled in those two years, as I didn't have to do anything, lol.

In Junior High School, I was still in a "special" program. Though everything we did was the standard curriculum. So, because of those two years of not really doing anything, I was a little behind, but I still did very well throughout grades 7,8, and 9.

In High School, I was placed into the lower levels of everything (English 10-2, Social 13, Science 14 and 24) , except for math (Math 10 Pure). All students did a math test to tell which level to place them into. I did well on it (I believe I got 89%), and after convincing the teacher of the lower level math course they wanted me to take, that I could do higher level of math, I was put into Math 10 Pure. I passed everything with honours. Grade 11, I tried to take the regular social, but, apparently, It would be too hard. I'm put into Science 10, Math 20 pure, English 20-2, and social 23, and physics 20. This is where I really start procrastinating. I wait untill the end of the semester to complete social, and math. Social I had no problem with, as it was very easy. Math I had 20% of the course completed by the last two weeks of school, after my parents and teachers pushing me I completed it in time. I dropped out of physics. Grade 12, I dropped out of math 30 pure, and just had English and Social to do, for me to graduate. So I procrastinate on those but It didn't really matter because it would be pretty hard for me to fail......

The school had someone come in to give me an IQ test, and my result is 97. I feel below average. w/e



I know that this is basically a short autobiography on my experience in school.. but I haven't done much else to procrastinate on, lol. I just wanted to share that.

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97 is like average right? That's awesome. I would NEVER even take an IQ test. Never! 'Cause, I know the result would only depress me.<br />
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Oh, and if it makes you feel better, back when I was studying criminology, heaps of people and articles think IQ tests are totally misleading....If the results ALWAYS increase with further education than it's not really measuring aptitude, is it? <br />
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High school was pretty hard for me too. The humanities came easy, 'cause they were smaller classes and the teachers let me get away with handing stuff in late and never taking notes. I dropped out of chem in gr 12...I got a C and decided I wouldn't do something if I had to actually try...<br />
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And now at uni my procrastinating is 100 times worse. (I graduated second in English, and third in Hist--the ONLY reason they even let me into uni, cause I nearly failed basic math)<br />
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Last year I didn't hand a single paper in by the due date. Not one. I don't think I even started a single paper till the the day it was due. <br />
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My mediocrity knows no bounds.