Procrastination. A Word As Ugly As What It Means.

Procrastination sounds like "Constipation", and the effect is similar. 

I think I procrastinate (There is no flow of creative energy! It's awful). 

I think I procrastinate because of a deeply imbedded chip that my family, my parents and my sisters put in my head designed to inflict shame and guilt in my Life every Day of It.  They succeed.  I have gotten better, but you have no idea how slow that improvement has come.  I dream for a truly positive breakthrough that allows me to Live The Life I Wants!! It's not a typo to write "I WANTS".  The Essence that  I AM  wants that, and the little sicko in my head prevents the I AM from it.  How sad.  

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3 Responses Feb 24, 2010

Ha ha ha!!! Ex-Lax for the brain :-D Ha ha!! Does Ex-Lax exist still? <br />
<br />
Sunshine aren't we sisters then? :-)

:-) Still trying to get better, and I think that's a HUGE thing that you mentioned, that you "love what you do". I haven't loved what I've done for a LONG LONG time, but, guess what?????? I'm in Shiftville right now and I just think I'm going to make the most unexpected career shift that I would have EVER thought!!!!

Constipation--that really fits. That's just how my brain feels. I'm glad you're working it out.