In My Head The Word 'deadline' Is Merley A Guide

I currently have, let me think... 4 pieces of coursework overdue :-( and what am i doing - muckin about on the web, typical. I learned a long time ago to accept myself for what i am - terminally late (hey maybe i could get that diagnosed lol)

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lol thanks Described - but Dougie Adams has to take the credit for it.<br />
<br />
Which brings on a thought - of all the writers (fact or fiction) that I admire most, I think all of them are atheist (Adams, Pullman, Pratchett etc).

hahaha skraeling, i might make that my new mantra :-)

As Douglas Adams said "I love deadlines - that whooooshing noise they make as they go past."

If i was would i need to be offended right now? Lol