I Love the Freedom It Brings

DAWs (Digital audio workstations) like FL studio are my tools of (almost) trade. This nifty software is great for creating all kinds of music with just my computer. My music ranges from EBM to electro to ambient and this setup is perfect--even though I'm a classically trained pianist, I don't use any form of input more complex than my typing keyboard and mouse, and the result is just as sweet as the stuff you get on the club dancefloor.

One day I hope to produce music commercially. But in the meantime I'm having fun experimenting with sound engineering, making tracks, learning to beatmatch and mix a la djing.

yum music!!!

justlikeyou justlikeyou
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 27, 2009

Cool stuff, roughly in the same boat as you atm. What genres you into?