MEN Mothering...a Book In Progress

My husband and I are working on a book about widowed fathers raising children alone. My husband is a fine art photographer whose first wife died 17 years ago of breast cancer leaving him with a son, 6, and daughter, 2. 

The book will be a photographic exploration into the lives of widowed fathers and their children, with stories of struggle, triumph and just day-to-day life experiences. It will serve to acknowledge the courage and strength of those men who suffer the loss of their wives and persevere as both mother and father of their children. It will explore the aspect of "mothering" vs. "fathering" and provide companionship to those fathers who find themselves in similar circumstances and reluctant to seek help.

If anyone on this board is a widowed father at any stage of raising children and willing to participate in this project*, I am eager to hear from you and would be happy to explain further.

*Participation would require allowing yourself and your children to be photographed (fine art photography of the highest artistic quality) and a willingness to share various aspects of your experiences. 


frankJA frankJA
Feb 27, 2009