The Old Languages

I learned to program in assembler language first while in school. I also learned ALGOL and COBOL. My first job was as a CICS COBOL programmer. Then I learned RPGIII and RPGILE. I have taken classes in JAVA and Visual Basic. In the industry I am what is called a dinosaur. One who knows the old languages and is fluent in them. Fortunately for me, many of the systems that run business are still based upon the old knowledge and there are not a lot of dinosaurs around to maintain and upgrade them. object oriented programming is OK but I still don't see it as better than the English language based programming. I have written thousands of programs and systems from scratch over the years and the thought process for problem solving is basically the same no matter what language one uses. 

tomt88101 tomt88101
56-60, M
Feb 19, 2010