Wifes Pregnancy Scare From Her Black Lover

From my previous stories my wife has been sleeping with a black friend of mine Sean for about 3 years. He is usually at the house once a month for a weekend and he and my wife have amazing sex. During the course of the weekend he is there they will usually make love 4 or 5 times. It is more making love now between them because after 3 years sleeping together you normally will develop an emotional connection between each other. I wouldn't go as far to say they are in love but that do care for each other. Now we have been very careful using some kind of protection. She has been on the pill for years and has never used condoms with Sean, he has been lucky enough to go bareback with her and she wouldn't prefer it any other way. There have a few times over the course of three years she was off the pill for some reason or another and still had unproductive sex with Sean. Well recently she has been off the pill for two months and he has been to our house twice since then. Now in the two month span she has been off the pill I have used condoms except for a few times. The first time in the past two months he was a house she said it wasn't her fertile time it would be ok. But this recent time he was over last month she said it would be around her fertile time of the month. I told her it was her call! Well she didn't call him and cancel so I know what that meant and I know they were not going to use a condom. Well he came on a Friday and stayed until Sunday afternoon and they made love 5 times and unloaded all 5 times inside your fertile *****. Her usually tight ***** was a mess Sunday after he left. Really red, swollen gapping open. Sean has such a huge ****, really thick and about 9" too 9-1/2" long with a really big mushroom head and is a very heavy ******. Now she was suppose to get her period the last week of April and she didn't. We both were thinking "all ****". Well lucky enough she was a week late for some reason and got it this past weekend, later part of the first week in March. I was really relieved but I got a strange vibe from my wife like she was disappointed. I mentioned this to her she said I was crazy for thinking that she was disappointed and asked how I would feel if she was pregnant with Sean's baby? I said that I think it would be really hot but have mixed thoughts about it. We have been discussing the idea back and forth with no definite conclusion but she still hasn’t got back on the pill and he will be here two weekends from now!
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My wife and I are both 28 and been married 3 years. Prior to our marriage I knew she was having sex with a Black guy we both knew. I agreed that she could continue this relationship . They had unprotected sex all the time. Within 3 months she was pregnant by him. I was very happy for her. She recently had another baby with him. Both our families have accepted this

being a white couple having a black baby would be hard to explain unless you both came out the closet.but very very hot idea

she has already decided, pal. Your going to be a daddy.

Sean is going to be a daddy

Very well writen and extremely erotic. If you read our own experiences (start with swimmers 'competition, you will see a fairly similar line. Love, Tina

very nice

White guy here and I'm with you and your sentiments all the way kindakooky, so thank you for the input.

Only difference is I despise these piece of **** cucks . Primarily because of the wimp-*** image they cast on white men. The vast majority which aren't wimps

Thank God that through the breeding of their wives with other men these cucks are extincting their weak lineages so we won't have to be bothered with them anymore. Good riddance.

I feel the same way about cuckolding. I'm get off watching the sex action between gorgeous white women and fit, fine-lookin' black men 'cause it's so intensely erotic and the contrast in skin color is aesthetically beautiful and a feast for the eyes, plus the white women lose all control and go freakin' crazy when they're making passionate love with a black man!

some guys like sean are soo lucky...makes me jealous,lol

Interesting story. I am just curious how did you and your wife start this lifestyle? Who's idea was it? If it was your idea, how did you convince her. I know my wife has the desire but I have been afraid to bring the subjec up. Looking for advice

i think that she should **** him more and do it only bare.

Help her concieve, cuck. Help her pinpoint her most fertile times and make her available to Sean. Make sure he knows what you two are up to, and keep that *** inside her for as long as possible

So you are caught up in your real life "Mandingo" cuckold love affair....<br />
You seem cool with it, so....erm...I really do not mean to offend you, but do you not even a little feel a little emasculated?<br />
I think to be honest with you, you if not already will be out in the rain literally son, metaphorically, you are already there.<br />
I do have to say,Not as a Black girl before anyone jumps on that tractor, but because your story bares all the "stereotypical" hallmarks of "cliched obviousness" "over sexed White wife: Check, hung Black Bull:Check, and "wimpy" White husband: seems to check...something about it all that is "typical".<br />
<br />
<br />
You are all consenting adults...so enjoy...yet are you not even a tiny bit anxious....this guy has your wife, and I bet she most likely is in love with him,and you.okay, you get something out of this, it fulfills needs within you, so...yeah, you enjoy being "owned"...so I suppose I should say, "keep on doing your thing" but can not, have to be true.<br />
So if your wife does become pregnant, who will care for this baby/child?<br />
All three of you, or, you and your wife in the week and her lover on weekend?<br />
If out with your new child who will be bi racial so you may have questions to answer, how will you answer?<br />
I suspect, the two of them are getting more out of this than you...how they must laugh about you when they are alone...I actually feel for you a bit.

Let's be clear on this...what you call love is really ego. It's sex. Sex is physical stimulation of the senses, fueled by animal lust. No one owns any body. Evidently, you' ve got a colossal ego and it's deluded you into thinking that indulging in a act of sensual pleasure means you've fallen in love. No wonder 9 out of 10 marriages end in divorce. If sex was love then nymphos would be saints. It's pitiable that some people can be so abysmally ignorant about the meaning of love.

i agree with most of the comments i think your wife really wants his black baby and you will have no say in the matter i think they will keep ******* regularly until she is pregnant

When having sex with my husband he uses condoms but when having sex with black men I do it bareback and let them *** inside my ***** as I am trying to be knocked up by a strange black man and get his baby.Last Saturday more than 50 black men ****** me twice each and soem three times and all filled up my ***** with their *** and I hope to be pregnant as I was so fertile when they came to my ******** party and ****** me all.Hubby has nothing to do with that as he is my Cuck.

Sound HOT keep us posted please. I would enjoy seeing some pics, of the breeding?

Tell Sean to tell her what he wants, you are the Cuck, you have no say, you should have to wear all the time a condom or you need to be fixed, she needs to prove to her Black loverthat she is for his use and work on black baby, is it possible he move in for two months and **** her on daily basis

Sean should have whatever he wants. after all, she is his. you're just being allowed to stay involved. You know how this is going to turn out. she WILL bear his children and you'll soon be servicing him too