Something That Every Cuck Couple Need To Know...

I'm a cuck hubby and I enjoy having my wife enjoy with her boyfriend. He's a black guy and he ***** her a lot more than I do. He's often ******* her regularly, epecially during his vacations when he is free. He can **** her for hours with his huge **** which I simply can't do.
We even had the fantasy of getting her blackbred by her boyfriend cuz it would've been so sexy. But we backed out because of this reason.
If we start making our wives get blackbred, we will deprive the next generation of black studs of their rightful white *****. That's something truly shocking. Our daughters might just be the ones who will be the ***** for the next generation for black *****. And frankly, anyone who 'promotes' interracial breeding is indirectly depriving black ***** of their access to white *******. Me and my wife frankly think that it's racist.

So, I'd say, let white women get all the black ***** they want and even become black only if they desire, but get them pregnant with lots of white babies. Black guys should have access to lots of white *******.

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lol thats an interesting point

Having sex with a black guy was my wifes favorite fantasy. She felt that they were more emotional, aggressive and passionate. Although I begged her to have sex with other men, especialy a black man, she always insisted that she could not have sex with a guy outside of our marrage. Every time we had sex I would bring it up and beg her " to get laid.". Well, one evening she told me that a Doctor at the hospital that she work at came on to her and she was definitly excited about it. A month later she confessed that she had fallen in love with him and had started having sex with him after work, this had been going on for the better part of the month. They had been having sex regularly when she finnaly came right out and told me. She said that she was in love with him and was going to continue to see him if I liked it or not. She also said that she didn't want to hide it from anyone because she refused to sneek around and have to lie about it. That meant that not only did I know about it but all of her freind and co workers knew as well. Having an affair changed our relationship drastically, she went from a dutiful loving sweet girl to an agressive, dominant women who controled my ever move. I was shocked at first but as the saying goes, "be careful what you wish for, you might get it." And I got it big time. That was the end of our sex life and I was forbiden to ask her any questions about her lover, where they go and what they do. Occasionally she would tell me what they did to each other and how great he was in bed and how much better of a lover his was. There was no doubt that she was describing
the raw sex that they have just to humiliate me and to crush my ego, well thats what Cuckolds think they want, and I got it. There is a lot of erotic masocitic pain involved in submitting to your wife having a lover but that's what I thought I wanted. Now that I live beneith her feet and can do nothing to change what has happened to me ( us ) I learned that being completely dominated, humiliated and controled has a special sweetness that only a masocist can understand.