I Just Cant Allow Myself.

To a true friend that has gotten me out of one of the lowest places that I have ever been in my life, I wont hurt you again . That is why I must leave, I refuse to go back to live with you because you and your daughter doesnt deserve to see me the way I am right now. I would never let your baby girl be exposed to the way I am at this point and you are better off with you me in your life anymore. I love you as a sister you are the only one that cared enough to help me out when I was at rock bottom, but now this time I cant be saved. I am truly sorry for everything, but I am leaving soon. I wont let you know where I am, I will still contact you thru the internet whenever possible. I just cant bring myself to let you see me right now.. You seen me go thru withdrawals, but this is much worse than that. I am destroying myself, and at this point not even myself can save me. Main reason I cant go back is because your beautiful baby girl is too young to have to see this or understand why I do it. I love you babygirl, and always will.. bye for awhile..
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1 Response May 25, 2012

If this is meant for me babygirl, I am up for work right now but I will call in and go hunt you down if I have to.. You wont hurt me or my child, I need you to stay alive and well. I know I cant relate to what you are going thru. I mean for god sake let me do something for you.. You are welcomed here. I can understand why you dont want to live with the man you are with now, but I love you and that should be a good enough reason to come stay with me. I will understand if you think that you have to find your way by yourself. Just dont let it come down to you being on the streets again.. If you need anything you know how to find me. I will even understand if you want to go back to where you came from. Just try to get yourself together. I will do anything to help you..