Yes, I Proposed To Myself...

So I had been dating "Boy" for 3 years, we lived together, we laughed & cried & fought & made up & were together everyday for 3 years.  We had talked about marriage a lot throughout those years because I wanted it clear that I wanted marriage and a family & if he didn't then I was OUT.  I am getting older & can't wait around forever, right? 

So my birthday comes around and he asks what I want & I say a ring.  He says, "sorry, honey, but I can't afford it now, not going to happen."  I say NO.  I want my ring!!!  Pretty much like a 2 year old, I am not proud to say.  And I carry on for a month.  Or more.  (I call it a Pre-Bridezilla Blackout)  So he relents.  & I get to pick out my ring.  & it comes in the mail.  & I say ok, now ask me.  & I put it on b/c it's beautiful.

Oh, God, it sounds so much worse when you actually type it out!!!  So now I've had the ring for 4 months or so, and we have a date set & honeymoon planned & sure enough I am sitting here feeling ****** b/c I don't know if I've pressured him into this (but I have been clear since Day 1 & he's a big boy, right?) & I certainly don't have a romantic proposal story!!!

Is this normal(ish) in this day and age w/ people living together for years???

Will it affect our marriage? 

Does he really want me?

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2 Responses Mar 7, 2010

If you're so worried, just ask him :) you guys seem like a really strong couple, and I'm sure asking will do minimal harm if any at all. Good luck!

where is the transition from us every day- we've lived everyday together for 3.5 yrs now- to us then? I think both of us are thinking: This will carry on, be the same, etc. When I asked him if he was excited to marry me he said "honey, we're already married." That's the deal- no romance in "life"...