Downward Spiral

    i wish there was a section that said i used to prostitute. cause thats the category that i'm in. I don't even know how i got into it in the first place.i think it all started when my grandmother died. and then started doing coke. And then i started losing weight. that made me feel so in control of everything. Little did i know that i was becoming a slave.
    i went on to my first year of college in NYC. and thats when my life just went out of control. I picked up a copy of the new york press and i saw all these ads in the back. and ads for adult employment. it said:Looking for pretty hispanic ladies. brunettes preffered. i called the number. i spoke to the woman who called herself Elle. We met at the  hotel Chelsea. the same hotel that for me would become synonimous with money, drugs, and crazy wreckless behavior.
    before i knew it i was working almost everyday. well everynight really and i was unable to think of anything else. my life revolved around sex and cocaine. my first day i was almost arrested and had to run down a hotel stairwell, one time this girl was robbed and held at knife point at a call that was meant for me. i will never to this day forget the look on her face as she came in through the door.
    i was wreckless, i was careless and most of all i was sick.
    i will admit that there were moments when it was fun. but those moments i was severely coked out of my mind and was in no state to truly calculate how much fin i was having.
   and for almost two years i yo-yo'ed with the profession. i offically stopped the day i was almost arrested again.
    this john cam through.  i called my madame and told her i'd be an hour. so i get paid $300, then we start to ****. i remember that day. i felt invincible. i had arrested myself to the fact that, here i am, a prostitute and today i'm going to be the best **** there ever was.
   i was quickly knocked off that stool.
    i shouldn't have gotten so cocky.
    the guy wanted to go down on me.
     ok, thatll be $75
    of course he didn't want to pay
    then he wanted to kiss me
     sorry charlie, that gunna b $50
     so the cheap basterd gets even more annoyed
    after a little bit he's like i can't do this. i was like what? he wanted his money back. i was like "what the ****?!" do i look like a ******* macy's or something? you can't just return the fact that your **** was inside of me *******. i started to call elle to see how i should handle the situation. the ***** wasn't picking up the phone. calling and callin and calling and the guy is getting impatient and understandably scared. after like 20 minutes he said he was going to call his friends. the police. at the very word i just threw the money at him. all of the money and told him to get the **** out.
    i went to elle. she claimed she didnt hear the phone, i rang like 7 of her lines, the lying *****
   i went home
   i drank 2 40oz and was scared to go outside. i was convinced for the longest that i was being followed by the police
   all this and im an honors student at a prestigious private art school---
   im glad i got out of the game alive
   the coke addiction took a little longer to giv up tho
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3 Responses Aug 18, 2007

WOW! That's a ****** up story. While I am originally from N.Y.C. Here in Bangkok that kind of **** doesn't go on. Prostitutes can have the guy arrested for that. A Thai freelancer prostitute lives with me and that **** doesn't happen to her here in Bangkok. It's good to hear you got out not harmed. By the way. Did you have sex with customers without a condom?

damn sounded like you was just to coked up and paranoid to me , thats why you should have ****** with some pimping you wouldnt have to go through all this

Ahhh, the Chelsea Hotel. That's a nasty place. I had a friend who lived there a while, and she almost got raped by another tenant. Sounds like you were wise to get out when you did. You seem like a tough, cool person. Thank you for sharing your experiences.