Sick! So Sick!!

these people should be put in prison
ginapeaches ginapeaches
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2 Responses Jul 10, 2010

When I meet someone with a pet, I observe how they treat that pet. I know they'll treat humans the same way.

I appreciate art. But people who do not respect life can make no art. Art honours life. Life is honoured through Art. I am sorry to write this. It's out of anger! At the next biggest art exhibition this ... Guilliemo should starve himself to death tied up in chains. This might make him understand what kind of torture he has committed to a helpless dog! I am sorry . Revenge is no solution. I hope our group of people will make the louder voice ever against these cruel thoughts and cruel acts and will stop a potential torture like this before happening! We people are supposed to be civilised. We are obliged to prove it every single day ...we live on this planet.. if we want to be called humans!