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I sort of understand why he did it. It was to anger people. It was to show us, that, we in fact, are doing the same thing horrible thing he did. Watching Stray dogs starving or struggling and doing nothing to help them. I know for sure plenty of us has seen a stray cat or dog and havent helped it event hough we could of. Maybe we werent allowed to take it home or maybe we just didnt want anymore pets. But the concept is the same.

In essence, by not helping the animal, we condoned it to death.

But just because i see what he was trying to do, doesnt mean i agree with it. That dog could have survived in the Wild.
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I'm really surprised at you people. there was FULL PROOF in 2008 that this story was an Internet hoax created by someone who heard the story wrong, and miss understood what happened. "A dog WAS starved, but there was no artist involved! Sources say that this little incident is an Internet hoax, the artist who was said to have performed such cruelty, and over 250 other people agree."that paragraph was quoted directly from a news paper article in 2008! it was ALREADY proven that this didn't actually happen. I'm really shocked that you people haven't figured all this out already. even the poliece investigated this incident and said that this wasen't some artists fault. the artist wasen't even close to the sight were the dog was found.

I never knew. T_T