...that has nothing to do with art! Please sign this petition to help prevent this from happening again::::


And if the a-hole (yes, that's what he is- an a-hole NOT an artist) wanted to do something really crazy- then why didn't he starve himself to death in the name of 'art'?

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I very much agree with you, let's see how he likes it when this happens to himself. I can see why he would think it is art and I can see why he might think it's beautiful but until he does it to himself he has no right to do it to any one or anything!

This makes me sick to my stomach and breaks my heart to pieces. How anyone could be so cruel to God's precious little soul is something I can never seem to wrap my mind around. It's stories such as this one that makes me sad to even be part of the human race. R.I.P. baby. You are God's special art.

if this IS true, than it is awful and I hope the athouraties will do something about it. But are all of you sure this is true? I, for one, have never heard of this before, and it just sounds to terrible to be true.

I mean that is so nasty. that is the most hateful thing I have ever heard of. he should be hung up on a tall tree with a short piece of rope if he really did that

This cannot be true, he would have been put in jail for that, I would hope

Yup, the story about the starving dog appears to be a legit and cruel story about some jerk looking for attention. The art gallery claims that the so called artist found a emaciated dog that he then chained to a wall as an ‘art’ exhibit for people to parade by the suffering and frightened animal. The gallery also claims that they were feeding the dog although no one saw the dog eat or poop after eating. The dog eventually disappeared and conflicting stories were told that the dog ran away and later that they turned it loose in the street. At best the poor animal was left to finish starving in the streets. <br />
<br />
I hope this so called artist comes to the US because I would love to share with him the wonderful art I can do with pliers and human teeth.

Yes, I too have heard rumors of this being a hoax- but I think the photos speak for themselves... I would hate to see more 'artists' during events like this- it has to be stopped.

Thank you for the website, I am really angry not words I can describe my emotions right now. I noticed someone said it was hoax, well if it is or not - I have signed the petition and I have send it to others to sign up. I hope it will work . I think he is an ugly person , even he starved himself it is not ART because HE HAS NO HEART! (sorry ) if only animals could talk....