Just Sick..

I find it absolutely disgusting what that man did. To take an animal and starve it for the sake of art or whatever you want to call his reasons for doing it is a portrayal of someone who has abandoned their humanity. Either that or he has seriously confused his mind into acknowledging a twisted version of what he thinks is humanity.

There are plenty of animals and people starving in the world. Go grab a camera and film that if you want so badly to show the world the problems it has. There was zero reason for his exhibition. The people who see that stuff are probably screwed up in the head as well and wouldn't care about trying to help anyone's problems anyways.

I wonder if that man would chain a human up and starve them in the name of art. Or does his messed up thought process draw the line of morality there? Is it only ok to kill animals outside of his species? I truly do hope karma is real, because someone who thinks it's ok to do these kinds of actions needs to be shown that it is not ok.

Durious Durious
26-30, M
2 Responses May 29, 2008

I totally agree with you. If he wanted to show homelessness and starvation, he should film the people in the third world countries who have NOTHING.

im with you 100% those 13itches need to b treated exactly the same as that dog