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I will honestly admit that I had never even heard of *that* Vargas, as there is only one artist named Vargas who ever has been (and rightfully so) famous: *Alberto* Vargas (

A quick check on (*the* online source on the ever-present urban legend) has determined that this story may or may not be true. See for yourself:
I've been online a long, long time and have come across countless urban legends, and this story has all the makings of one.
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I wont watch it so not sure of the legitimacy or the outcome: <br />
<br />

Oh boy... where do I even begin w/ that clip? Animal cruelty is something I *totally despise with every fiber of my being*, however I'd refer back to Snopes... this smacks of i-fakery to the nth degree. When you've been online as long as I have, you can sense these things.

I'm totally with you on all fronts and hope it's just a deranged joke. Love Snopes, especially when I receive some conservo turd's rant-rumor on email.

Mi amiga KT, you *must* read what Winchester64 wrote on my board... quite insightful he is and quite insightful was my response. :P

Fun One, Insightful is your middle name.

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Lots of supporting material on google to support the cowardly deed.

Is there actual *photographic* or *video* evidence? This has all the makings of a pseudo-urban legend.