I Hope This Is Fake

Who would be so sick to starve a dog for art. does the dog know or even give a ******* what art is? NO! it's a dog for christ's sake! a helpless animal. how dare they put a poor animal through such misery just for their stupid cause.

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I know of a pup that was brutally murdered and VIDEO TAPED on cell phones. You can read the story at www.care2.com and sign the petition to help this grieving pet owner get the justice they deserve.<br />


I see. thankyou for clearing it up.

basically it was a hoax! The artist DID NOT starve the dog the dog was fed and watered everyday and was only in the gallery for two hours of a day!<br />
the dog DID NOT die and was free to go!!!!<br />
<br />
the artist was making a point that humans are fickle and that even though thousands of dogs did on the streets every year it isn't until you put it in peoples view ie in a gallery that people stat giving a s***

so what is this all about?

You clearly haven't done your research.