Justice Should Be Just, Whoever the Victim

Justice should be just whoever the victim... Or justice would cease to be...A dog should not be forced to die of starvation for any reason... Not for art, not for anything !!! No more that if it would be a human being... When people start accepting cruelty made on animals, they are in fact accepting cruelty... And that is totally inacceptable. If we accept that criminal minds use animal to lower our humanity standard and defy our laws, we would soon end up with no laws at all !!!  We should react VERY STRONGLY and VERY SHARPLY !!! This so-called artist should be arrested. He is a criminal who used an animal as a scapegoat for his real intention to indulge in his cruelty fantasmes ... People that can torture animal, has it in them to torture people too... They are insensitive to the pain of other, and to moral... They enjoy the superiority it gives them to inslave and torture other beings...He is laughing at the autorities and at the passivity of the passer-by... He is defying the law, by using a loopole in our incapacity to defend animal rights ...


a8eliane a8eliane
Feb 23, 2009