How Can They Do This?

Art is done in the name of expression. For my concern I don’t think that we should express our self by making others suffer. It’s sure that by painting someone or something dying or suffering could be a good way of to make people think, make them realize what’s going on in this world, but not by actually doing it.

And what’s worst is that it’s done on an animal, which certainly didn’t ask for it. Art should be about OUR self. Can I kill a man in the name of art? No. It would be illegal even if that man would agree. So can someone tell me what gives us the right to do it on an animal?

amarilys amarilys
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2 Responses Feb 26, 2010

this is a hoax. it was on the news AND in a newspaper article, it was ALREADY proven that this didn't really happen! <br />
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its great that so many people want to help animals, and are against abuse, but making up stories to promote how you feel on a topic is just sad.

Dogs are innocent, why starve a poor dog? Why?