Love Doing This!

I love showing off my wife. It is a fetish I have. She is hot, so I love when other men want her--maybe it is ***** competition :)
ProudH ProudH
36-40, M
4 Responses Jan 17, 2013

You are very generous sharing her. True beauty must be displayed for all to enjoy! Would be great to see her pics...

LOL @ ***** competition. I wonder if the biggest "depositor" gets a free VISA gift card, like banks do? LOL! Glad to hear we have a similar passion. Would love to view your photos. You are invited to view ours, too. Please add us and let's both enjoy each others' sexy wife.

Too funny Greg. You have done it again with your witty comments, though you won this round fairly!

Oh yes, ***** competition!

I know exactly what you mean. It must be the competition