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It was Wednesday evening and as normal my wife went to bowling league while I spent a few hours having dinner with my elderly mother. I considered a couple of hours visiting with mom to be the considerate thing to do. After all, I was not really in to bowling and most of the time I seemed to sit lonely at the counter behind the lane.

My wife bowled on a team with three other guys. They had all become friends with both her and I, at least on bowling night. As you may imagine, three guys and one girl on the team gave the guys someone pleasing to look at versus sharing naked female pictures between frames.

My wife being in her late 30's stood approximately 5'3" tall wit alluring blue/green eyes, beautiful auburn hair that went mid back and had a set of natural 36D breasts. With that said, I repeat she was pleasing for them to look at.

On Wednesday, often the only time that we would see each other until later in the night was before she went to work. I always paid attention to her work attire and silently appreciated her beauty and sexiness, parting ways with only brief compliments and a kiss goodbye.

It was not until later that afternoon that she began to peek my attention. With one simple text she noted..."got off work a bit late and going straight to bowling"! Ok I thought, this wouldn't be the first time this was the case. Yet as I continued to think about her, the thought hit me....wait a minute, this morning she left for work in a skirt and nice blouse.

I had often wondered if she acted any differently when I was not around and especially on bowling night. You see, preferred the company of men, had come to know these guys and they were always complimentary of her, balancing on the edge of flirting at times.

While her having a bit of flirting fun was not a big deal, after all doesn't everyone deserve a bit of time just to have a little fun and be appreciated by others? Anyway, for some reason I just couldn't stop thinking of her in that skirt and blouse.

It seemed to be for hours I reminded myself there was no way that she would be bowling in that. I knew she kept her bowling shoe's and socks in her bowling bag. So perhaps she had brought along or kept a pair of sweats along for those just in case days.

Another text came in.."finally at the alley. Was running late so probably won't have much time to talk/text. It's a double points night and we really need to step it up tonight"! My boys have really sucked lately she added, so I will need to be on top of them tonight!

I didn't think much of her comments as she loved her bowling, hate to lose and she had always referred to her team mates as "her boys". Yet again, that skirt, blouse, outfit and then the generic words of having to be on top of "her boys". It all simply put me into my naughty hubby fantasies and caused me to wonder even more.

I concluded dinner early and thought what the hell. She couldn't be more than one game into the three so perhaps I would stop by the alley and surprise her while at the same time satisfying my curiosity.

As I walked in I looked at the lane sheet to find her location. As normal they were at the last lane in the row, so I circled around so she would not see me coming. That way I could simply watch and admire her for a while. My planned words, "surprise, I am here"!

The surprise was on me! As I neared the lane, I noticed her sitting at the bowling table. No one had noticed me standing nearby as all three of the guys were giving her their full attention. I could only see her hair and face and watched her giggly motions as she spoke to them.

Hmmm? This must be the pep talk she had mentioned. As I thought little of that, one of the guys leaned to the side for a moment and I noticed that she was still wearing the same blouse that she left the house in that morning. No way I thought. She can't be bowling in that outfit! At minimal she must be wearing sweats.

The pep talk was short and within moments she got up from the table and headed towards her bowling bag. Again, being at this end lane, all was pretty much secluded. None of the guys got up as she did, however I watched as all their eyes followed her.

The first game had not even started and I noticed as she went to her bag she was still in her heels. Her back to "her boys", as well as me from my vantage point, she slipped off her heels and bent over to grab a pair of socks and shoes from the bag.

In doing so, her skirt naturally hiked up and her bare ***** was clearly exposed. I had no idea she had gone all day wearing nothing beneath her skirt and was now completely amazed that it appeared she may even bowl this way.

The guys sat silently paying attention to her every move. They all simply seemed to be in a trance with the only movement to adjust the bulge in their pants as I did mine.

In a natural series of events, she headed back to the table to put her bowling shoes and socks on. Leaning forward to do so, I heard her say, "ok boys, we are going to do this tonight".

Again from my vantage point I could see as she down her shirt as she leaned forward. Straight down and in where I could see clearly that she was not wearing a bra either. There was no doubt "her boys" could see as well and there her natural 36D breasts hung freely beneath her shirt. Shirt drooping to the point where even I could see both of her semi erect nipples in clean view!

She seemed to play along as if she was oblivious to the fact that "her boys" not only got a shot of her *****, but also her breasts and nipples. With a word she stood up and said, so are we going to do this or what? Without hesitation they each followed her every command.

With a bit of jealousy I thought now was the time to surprise her with my presence. For some reason I stopped and thought how I had always promoted her to be playful, naught and teasing, especially as she was ending her 30's, that which I always considered to be the best years of my life.

Remaining concealed, I continued to watch and sent a short text, "how are things going I asked. Did you make it to bowling on time?" As she sat down after frame one, she looked at her phone and replied to my text. "Hey there she replied. Just made it in the nick of time. Are you going to come join me later?"

Not sure I replied. It's been a long day and I am kind of tired. How is the game going I asked? "My boys" seem to be very motivated tonight she replied. I think it is going to be a win win for everyone." Awesome I replied.

The evening went on and I remained hidden, watching all three games and having some beers to compliment my viewing pleasure. Every so often I would receive a text from her often stating she wished I was there to see how well they were doing.

My response was always generic and that which reflected with her motivating and encouraging them as one who loved the sport, I was sure they were doing well. The interesting part was that each text sent to me seemed to come immediately after moments I observed her moving in a manner which exposed either her ***** or breasts to "her boys".

The game was over and the final text came in after she once again changed her shoes. I will be home soon, I hope you are still awake. I didn't reply as I rushed to my vehicle to make it home before her.

Getting in bed just in the nick of time, she walked into the room and I observed her undress through my slightly open eye. She appeared to glance back and forth to see if I was awake as she silently undressed.

Heel to tow slipping off her shoes and the slowly pulling down her skirt in which I could see she still had no panties on. Off came the blouse and I watched as her natural breasts swayed.

I felt myself get extremely hard and tried to control my movement. Expecting she would change into her night clothes, I was surprised when the sheets pulled back and she climbed into bed.

Snuggling up to me she quietly asked are you awake? I moaned to indicate I was stirring from her presence. I felt her hand head to my swollen **** in which upon grabbing it she softly said, someone is.

Oh, you're home I replied. How was bowling? Adding I'm sorry I wasn't able to make it! It was really good she replied, I couldn't believe "my boys" really stepped up their game tonight.

I'm glad to hear you had a good time I replied! Ya know, I really did she said, but you know what? What I asked. For some reason I am REALLY horny tonight. Do you have the energy to play with me?

Before I could respond, I felt her slide silently beneath the covers and whisper, I really like your pin as she began sucking on me.

Needless to say, I no longer go to bowling with her yet I am always there!
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Jan 19, 2013