Tuesday Night Out In Las Vegas

So it's Tuesday night, my night out with my wife before her Wednesday night bowling league with her boys.

Heading to the M casino, 32 degree bar and my hope, with the long stressful day that we have had is that she will wear attire that leaves little to the imagination.

5'6" tall, alluring blu/green eyes, beautiful auburn hair that reaches mid back and her set of natural 36D breast with prominent nipples, surrounded by tan coloration that simple accentuates them when she is braless.

My hope being that her selected attire includes either the occasional lace top braless where any man not so into playing games can notice all, or her occasional dress in which she wears nothing beneath.

With the later, she will often ensure just to tell me that she spread her legs so discreetly that an unsuspecting man that took notice to her saw her nicely shaven *****. She knows how this works me up and when lucky I get that as my prize at the end of the night.

Am I wrong in encouraging or letting my wife show her attributes to other men?

Well, as we will soon venture out on what I hope to be an exciting adventurous night. Expecting that no men from Vegas will see this story tonight, should you and want an exciting night, I encourage you to join us, sit by her. You can't help but notice her from my description and if that is not enough, she will be sitting next to a bald guy.

I love to hear other men nicely compliment and admire her and with that will come a story that explains all that happened should anything happen.

While she loves compliments and playful talkative guys, none as of yet have been bold enough to compliment her so erotically to her breasts and more so ask to see her so unique breast tattoo that if a guy was to simply inquire, I believe she would show the entire tat discreetly.

There has yet to be a man to so boldly place his hand upon her leg as he sits next to her while playfully talking about the game she is playing and I fantasize about the day when a man may be so bold as to not only tough her leg, but after multiple counts have the courage to move it towards her *****.

Most often she is commando and with her celebrating her 39th year of life, I believe advancement upon her as such may be exactly what she needs to ensure that her 30's are memorable.

Any horny guys in Vegas reading this? Interested in helping while having a good time?

My guess is many may be interested in hearing my story of what happened tomorrow.
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1 Response Jan 22, 2013

I would love to see your pics. Please add me. I would be most appreciative.