Psychic Or Telepathic

I'm not awfully good at it, it just happens. Like a radio with faulty diodes, iffy reception and a tuner cut loose. A faulty telepath. Telepathetic.

Many a time I would dream something, anything, a situation, a building and some time later the particular scene would be a cameo in real life. The only markers were the feeling of I've been here before in the form of a sort of emotional familiarity. This has been going on all my life. Much much lesser these days. I think this type of deja vue is quite prevalent amongst people.

But when I was younger, deeper or weirder stuff would happen, usually on trains. I eventually kinda figured that the motion over the rails would put me into a hypnotic trance with the rythmic 'tiddley dee tiddley dah' effect as the train passed over the joins. Train fares were really cheap, and I did a lot of train travel. Scotland to Manchester was only 4 quid on a child's ticket, for example ( new money- I ain't that old!)

There are some events that stand out.

One was when I drifted off in my seat and there was a kid at a table in front, maybe he was three or four. I vaguely remember him asking me stuff and me answering them in my head and him responding. I specifically recall the look of amazement on his mother when I woke up.

Another was a similar situation. I had drifted off again and these was a young couple in front of me, chatting to each other. She seemed nervous and I remember thinking ' Say something to make him laugh,' and she did and he did. I remember her nervousness in my sleep and somehow it was transposed to my thoughts.

The most eventful one was around 1985; I was in love for the first time and caught up in that vast amount of hormonal and emotional turmoil that accompanies youth. I was on a train from StirlingĀ  and had passed through Perth - two lovely cities, well worth a visit- to Dundee and the rails, in 60 foot sections, soon had me asleep.
Some people got on around Perth, or maybe just after, and I was aware of about 4 different voices. I recall listening to them in my sleep.It soon dawned on me, within my sleep, that what they were saying was word for word perfect a few seconds before they actually said it. I remember, also within my sleep, the trepidation of coming to and destroying this effect. I went back into sleep then suddenly my eyes popped open. For a few brief moments I was clearly awake and looking at the coach side, the wooden paneling and the large window while they were simultaneously talking in real and future time.

Then it was gone.

Despite the ephemeral detail, I can't actually recall the conversation.The voices remain in the memory as a vague sort of colour though.

One of the last times this sort of stuff occurred was around 1989 on the way to Brum by train for a trade show. Me and co worker Wullie M. were sat opposite with our packet of biscuits ( cookies ), between us. He was tucking into them. I drifted off again and dreamt of him working his way through the packet. Just as he got to the last one, I woke myself up and grabbed the last one just before he did. The look on his face was an absolute picture.

I have had more experiences, but these are some that stand out. As I got older it all diminished and has all but disappeared
Pa1nsMcmurdo Pa1nsMcmurdo
41-45, M
Sep 12, 2012