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Two weeks after my ruined ******, with no relief since, the day for us to go on holiday to Crete arrived. Shortly before the taxi arrived, my wife handcuffed my hands above my head in the hallway, using the vertical bars of the banister to put the cuffs through. I was really worried the taxi would arrive and he would see me through the window.

She undid my belt and pulled down my trousers and underpants, then unlocked and removed my chastity belt in it's entirety. It's the firts time the ring part has been off since she firts put it on me. She was extremely rough getting the ring off over my balls, then, before I got an erection, she fitted some kind of plastic device that looked as though it was made from cable straps, and then locked it shut with a cable strap.

She looked at me and chuckled "I bet you thought you were going to go through the airport hanging free, because of the security" she mocked "well I've solved that problem. There'll be no quick **** in the toilets at the airport for you!"

My wife then took my chastity cage upstairs to put it in the luggage, leaving me hanging in the hall with my pants and trousers around my ankles. I was sure the taxi would arrive! Then she came back down the stairs, but only part way, and unlocked my wrists. "You'd better pull your trousers up before the taxi gets here" she quipped, as she took the handcuffs upstairs.

"I've put a nice cane in the bags, plus a riding crop, and you're wearing your heavy belt, so we've plenty of toys for you, and I've added some dildoes, including the feeldoe double, for us both to enjoy. By the way, on holiday, every day is punishment day, so expect a lot of pain".

She further reminded me that if she didn't hook up with some great guys early on, I would be suffering hours of beatings every day of the holiday, and no ******* for at least a month after our return. That's what she liked to call incentivising me.

A few moments later the taxi arrived, and I had to rush about loading the cases, walking out to the taxi holding an umbrella over my wife's head to keep her newly washed hair dry, locking up etc. We were driven to the airport at break neck speed, and it was a relief to me to arrive in one piece. My wife waited in the taxi until all the bags were on a trolley for me to push, then I opened her door, and helped her out of the cab and straight off into the airport.

Everything went smoothly at the airport. My wife spent a fortune on jewellery and perfume at the airport, and, obviously I bought nothing, as she told me at the outset that I didn't need anything. Finally we were on the plane, and my wife settled herself at a window seat, while I struggled to get the hand luggage plus all her shopping, into the cramped overhead lockers. I turned to sit down next to her, and a well dressed business man was between me and my seat, and he was asking if the seat next to my wife was free, and she told him that it was for him, giving him a flirtatious smile. I had to sit in the aisle seat.

"I certainly don't want to sit next to my boring husband all the way to Crete" she explained to this good looking stranger.

"Oh good" he replied "we can get to know each other"

"That sounds like fun, you can start by letting your leg touch mine. We're so cramped, I wouldn't want you feeling you have to keep a distance between us"

My wife continued flirting with her new best friend, twisted round to look at him, her eyes and mouth only inches from his, her hand resting on his upper thigh, occassionally stroking up and down his upper leg, stopping so close to his crotch. The drinks trolley arrived, and she leaned over him to instruct me to get her champagne, a mini bottle, and whatever James wanted, apparently his name was James. She told me to have coffee. More humiliation.

I got and paid for everything, and my straying wife did cheers with James, to their new friendship, and he clinked his Scotch on the rocks, which was what I had wanted.

Once we'd all finished our drinks, my wife went back to the flirting, and the thigh stroking, only she was no longer stopping short of his crotch, but skimming across it, then back across on the way down. She leaned across to speak to me once again.

"Are you stupid or something? Get my shawl from the locker to cover James' bulge"

I blushed, embarrassed at being spoken to like that in front of this stranger, then did what I was told. I handed the shawl to my wwho spread it over James' lap, then snaked her hand under the shawl, and started doing something which I couldn't see, but I could guess well enough.

"Don't stare at what I'm doing you idiot!" my wife hissed "look into my eyes and see how much fun I'm having, with another man's ****, right in front of you".

The lucky man next to me was obviously enjoying my wife's ministrations, but trying to hide his pleasure. He didn't do too badly, but he looked as though he was going to make a noise as he approached climax, so my wife started kissing him passionately on the lips. I don't think anyone else noticed, but I was so close to the guy, I certainly realised that my unfaithful wife had just given him a wonderful hand job.

My wife's hand withdrew from the shawl, and she reached across towards my face. I was looking puzzled at her balled fist as it approached my mouth. She opened her fist, and I saw her palm full of white ***. "Lick" she instructed. I did as I was told, licking up the guy's ***, right in front of him.

James put his **** away, still under the shawl, and zipped himself up, so he was decent. My wife removed the shawl from his lap, and spread it over her own. She looked at the contented stranger and said "My turn"

James' hand slipped surrupticiously under the shawl and I presume up my wife's skirt.

"Are you good with your fingers James?"

"I think so"

"Slip my panties off and give them to my husband to hold"

He did as she asked, leaving me with her thong balled up in my hand while I watched a stranger playing with his fingers in my wife's *****. She opened her legs wider, gave a little sigh and kissed him gently on the lips.

"Hmmnn don't stop, that's nice"

"yes, that's it....just there...keep flicking like that....I'm going to come" all said in a whisper with her l;ips almost touching her new lover's lips.

"oooh yesss"

She closed her legs tight together trapping James' hand between her legs as she rode her ******.

"Well sir, it turns out you are very good with your fingers"

"Thank you ma'am"

"Get my knickers back from hubby, I don't want to get my skirt all wet"

I handed them back and she slipped them on under her shawl.

"Now James, give me your phone number, and when we're back in England we can get together and **** like rabbits!"

Then the captain anounced we were beginning our descent. How quickly a four hour flight goes when you are watching your wife having sex with another man.

As we parted at the airport, my wife instructed me to thank James for making her ***, and to promise that we would be in touch to arrange a proper sex session. I don't think she could have humiliated me more
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i am in panties and lock in chastity doing house work one day wife came home with gf she pull down my panites exposing my chastity