Humiliated At A Festival, Completely Nude And On Display.

My wife likes to go nude and loves to have me accompany her, despite my embarrassment. Usually it is tolerable, although quite uncomfortable, since she and others are nude at the same time. But at one festival she decided to take the humiliation to a new level.

At this festival we were all outside, camping in tents, away from civilization, where full nudity was acceptable, though not widespread, and sexual roles were relaxed, within one's tent. The first day was fun, she enjoyed going nude and I accompanied her in the buff when not many people were around. That night we met up with a few couples, massaging, flirting, and playing around.

The second day she was acting reserved, and finally told me that she felt that my touching of other women had gone too far. I apologized and offered to make it up to her, only to regret my words.

She asked to go outside of the tent and remove my shorts and shirt, keeping my boots and chains and jewelry. I was hesitant, as a small group was cooking nearby, and others would occasionally walk by our camp area. At her insistence, I finally mustered the courage and got undressed.

She told me to walk over and introduce myself to the group and she would join me soon. That was the most awkward thing, approaching a mixed group of four 30 year old men and their gorgeous 20 something girlfriends, all of who I had barely met, all fully dressed in their summer shorts and tank tops, and me completely nude with my genitals on full display.

Reintroducing myself, I made small talk about the festival so far, and tried to not think about the ones who were sitting and who were eye level with my exposed penis.

When my wife finally came walking over looking more happy, I was relieved. Briefly. She promptly tossed me sunblock and told me to get some on. Applying sunblock on my arms and legs was not so bad, but I will never forget my humiliation and the smirks on the girls faces as I reluctantly applied the lotion 'down there' without being allowed to turn around. I was turned on, sexually excited, but nearly trembling from fear. At once I felt as if I could climax and yet my unit was shrinking from the embarrasement. And relief was not forthcoming: she applied sunblock to my back, making sure to keep the conversation going so the group would keep looking in my direction. For what seemed like forever, I could only stand there, half-erect, growing smaller, and completely stunned.

After we left that group, the wife kept me nude for a while longer, and introduced me to several other campsites, but nothing she did after that came close to the raw humiliation of standing me before those young girls and having them watch me apply lotion to my member.
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Lucky! i'm jealous

Lucky! i'm jealous

A true story? I'd love to hear what else she has done to you in past.