Love And Discipline (pure Fiction Or For Real, You Decide And Tell Me What You Think)

Hi, my name is Mary and I and my husband Ben have been involved in Christian Domestic Discipline for about 4 months. He’s a gentle man but he is firm when he needs to be. I am a submissive wife, always have been since we started dating, but at times, I can get out of line and he has to bring me back in line. Since we’ve been in this CDD lifestyle, he has spanked me twice before last night.
The first time was about 2 months ago I drank too much while we were out to dinner with friends, and I behaved badly. I told dirty jokes, which he never likes and has warned me not to say, and I flirted with the waiter when he came with the check. On the way home not a word was spoken and no eye contact was made, and though I was still hung over, I knew what was going to happen when we got home.
When we got home, he told me to go into the bedroom and go to bed. So I did as I was told and walked down the hall and into our bedroom, but skipped the bed as I felt everything I had eaten that night start to come up. I ran into the master bath next to the closet and lifted the toilet seat and puking for the next ten minutes. Ben walked in with a wash cloth and a bottle of Pepto-Bismol and cleaned me up. He then helped me undress and put me in bed where I slept for eleven and a half hours.
The next morning I awoke to find that ben’s side of the bed had never been slept in. I walked out to the bedroom where I found him sleeping on the couch. So I left him to sleep until he woke up on his own and went to make breakfast.
About twenty minutes later, Ben woke up and came into the kitchen where he found me eating eggs and toast with cheese meted on top of the eggs and drinking some orange juice.

After finishing, he told me to walk into the bedroom and lower my panties, pulling them all the way down to my ankles and bend over the bed. I knew he was still angry with me because he never just sends me to the room without giving me a hug first and patting me on the bottom.
There I was, with my bare *** in the air, and feeling like I wanted to disappear because I knew this is going to hurt and hurt for a while. When he came in he sat on the bed and started rubbing my *** trying to calm me down and also to lovingly scold me about how he felt when he saw me not only make him look bad, but myself, especially in the way I did with my bad behavior, flirting, and language, and it was bad. He started to smack my bottom like he was trying to drive out a demon form me. He was so hard that that he caused me to cry immediately. As he kept spanking me I was begging him to stop but it all fell on deaf ears. He gave me 10 smacks on my bare butt with his hand. He then he told me to stay in position as he walked around in front of me and stood with in my view so I could watch him take off his belt. Ben surprised me as I saw him crying. He was hurt for the way I had hurt him and once I realized that, it tore me up inside so I stopped begging him to spank me and took it from him. As he walked behind me and started to wail on my *** I cringed with every snack. I know that it was for my blatant disrespect which put me in this position and he was going to make sure that my behavior was going to be repeated.
I knew why now, why he was punishing me, not because he was a mean man, he wasn’t, but because I had broken a vow to honor and obey him, and for the next 5 minutes he spanked me until I was crying and my bottom was red. When he was finished he told me to lay further on the bed and let him rub my bare red ***. We then hugged after a few minutes and made love with him making me feel better by making me come. I made him feel better by sucking him until he came and telling him I was sorry. We then lay there until late in the afternoon.
The next time I was spank by Ben about three weeks ago. I went out with friends and didn’t tell him. He tried to call me but I never picked up because I didn’t hear it. He told me that he searched all over until I got home. When I walked in the door he was standing in the middle of the kitchen and I knew he was pissed, but also very hurt I would do such a thing, not that I went out with friends, but knowing he didn’t want me going out with these two friends because he didn’t like their influence on me. He scolded me for 10:00 as I am kneeling in front of him with my head pointed to the floor as he informed me that my bottom was going to hurt. He then grabbed my hand pulled me off the floor and over his knees as he sat on one of the oak chairs he pulled out from the kitchen table, then for the next 100 swats with a wooden hairbrush, he beat my *** until it was rosy red and I was wailing in tears.
After he was done, he told me to get to the bathroom and get a shower. “You reek of booze”, he said and I went without argument or hesitation. After my shower I walked into the bedroom and found him lying naked on his side propped up on his arm. Seeing me naked I could see his **** and I knew he wanted me no matter how mad he got at me.
When he saw me he waived me over to him and I climbed on the bed and paid down next to him on my back. I didn’t know if I should start sucking him as he wanted me to do every night or if I was going to get another spanking. What I got I did not expect which was my loving and very hard husband kiss me from my forehead to both my feet then back up to my ***** where he kissed, not just my ***** but my **** as well.
I was lying there feeling quite elated at the feeling making my body shiver, but yet saddened because this man, who had just tanned my bare bottom until it was glowing, was now making me forget every spanking I had ever gotten by delighting me with his kisses and his licking on my ****.
Once I was nice and wet, my dear husband, I looked down and saw him rise to kiss my breasts. He then sucked them until I was ready to ***, but he ordered me not to. I was so ready I almost did it, but I knew I would get a couple very had, one on the back of each thy, for disobeying him, which would ruin the moment, and I did not want that to happen. Ben then slowly kissed my ****, stomach, my **** again, and then my *****. The then took his middle finger and slowly stuck it inside my ***** moving it in and out until he allowed me to ***. Let’s just say that ******* was never a word I would use this time. I more like screamed at the top of my lungs as I had the greatest ****** that no woman in the history of the world has ever had. The truth is I had three of them at one time and almost passed out it was so intense. I’m surprised that China didn’t call the police for noise pollution I came so loud. After I had come down off my thrill, which took about a whole 10:00 to do so, Ben was still there smiling at me rubbing my breast nipples and kissing my lips.
I felt so thankful that God gave me this awesome me man that I turned him on his back and started sucking his **** for a couple before he stopped me. I thought he may have been disappointed in my performance, but he only stopped me because he said I almost made him ***.
I wondered what he was doing when he rose from the bed and pulled me with him. But he kissed me on the lips and turned me around and slowly bent me over the bed until I was flat on the bed. He then slid his **** inside my ***** and moved in and out as slow as he could until he came inside me. For the next few hours we held each other and slept.
Then last night he got mad at me because I was disrespectful to my father on the phone. Ben came in the front door, and stood there; while I frustratingly conversed with my dad about a woman at work I have had issues with over the last few days. The problem was, I didn’t know he was there.
My father was one that never listened to me or my concerns and never tried to understand, but just wanted to give advice and got mad when I disagreed with him. He hated it from my mother and blistered he bare bottom for it and did the same to me and my two sisters, Becky and Kara. No one dared to contradict my father. So when he decided I should follow his will on the matter and I said no, he thought it best he come over and paddle my bare behind. I know I shouldn’t have been rude and disrespectful in the way I talked to him, but I couldn’t take it anymore, so I told him to **** off and slammed the phone down.
When I turned around, I saw my husband and the look on his face. I knew he had heard the conversation with my dad and wasn’t pleased, at all. He has always hated the way I talked to my dad and told me that because I had been disrespectful on a few prior conversations with my father, I would get my *** beat the next time, and well, this was the next time. I tried to talk myself out of it but Ben wasn’t going for it. I knew I was going to get it real good this time. So I was told to go into the bedroom and pull down my pants and panties and bend over the bed. He took his time making me sweat and I really wanted to sneak out the window, but I knew he would give it to me a lot worse, so I stayed there bent over the bed with my butt high in the air. He came in very disappointed in his wife, rightfully so, I had already felt bad but that wasn’t going to get me out of being spanked.
Ben took off his belt and laid it to my bottom for 20:00. I was crying for the next 20:00 while he lectured me on the way I should and shouldn’t talk to my father as he rubbed my butt. Luckily for me he was feeling sorry for me and horny. So he started rubbing my ****, causing me to get real hot. The hornier I got, He got which came in handy.
He then started kissing my *** passionately while he reached his fingers and reached down to collect some of his juices from his wet **** and made me lick them. I started to get so wet I wanted him to plant his giant wet **** inside of me and **** me hard and fast until he came inside of me. But to please him, I put him on his back and placed his **** in my mouth and started sucking him. After a while he was nice and wet, wetter than I had ever seen him. He then laid me on my stomach with my legs hanging in the air over his shoulders allowing my ***** to be wide open and ready for his package. He then slid his **** inside my *****, thrusting slowly while he told me to rub my **** just as slow. He kept it up for at least 15:00 as I moaned in ecstasy. I can remember him grabbing my hair and pulling my head up so I could see him thrust inside of me, making me even hotter.
The way he was going I felt a buildup so intense that I thought I was going to pass out. The hype kept rising for the next couple of minutes, until I felt and explosion inside of me as I came, twice. I was panting and breathing like I had just ran 5 miles.
My heart was pounding and my eyes were watering, not just that I was crying, but because the pleasure was so great. I was so happy that he had forgiven and still loved and adored me; I wanted to thank him and prove my love for him. So I lowered myself to my knees and placed his **** in my mouth and suck him, and licked and sucked his balls for the next 10:00 until he came, swallowing as much of his *** as I could as the rest flowed out and down my mouth and off my chin, onto and between my **** and onto the floor.
After I cleaned his **** with my mouth out of my love for him, he raised me up and held me, kissing my face until we decided to take a shower together so he could wash me. It was the best sex we had in several weeks. I then called my father up and told him how sorry I was for my disrespect and my actions. He forgave me, and though I told him he could spank me if he wished, he let it go, but said next time he would. I love my husband and my father, very thankful that I have two special men in my life.
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Sep 4, 2012