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Skirt Pooping For The First Time!!

This is a story happened when I was about 16 years old. Some times when I am at home I am very lazy to go for poop if I am with my computer. sometimes I completely forget pooping till it is really necessary. It was Monday morning and I was late to get ready to go to school because I had a party on previous evening and It was late night 3 when we come home. so I went to the bed without getting prepared for the next day.

Luckily I could get to school on time since I could catch my school bus. while I was travelling I thought I should got to the bathroom as soon as I get a chance. Every one in my class was very busy in the morning with maths home work and I also got to start completing it before the maths period. While I was busy with home work I felt I need to empty my bawl. but with a small fart I could postpone for some time.

Then after about 15 mins teacher came and started the class. about after 10 mins, I got another urge to poop. I controlled it with another fart and It was okay. Since I havent gone for poop whole weekend I knew my bawl is full and I cant hold it more than another 30 min. So I was planning till this period ends and before the maths teacher get in to the class I will go to the wash room. Chistine was beside me and ask If I am alright when I was trying to bear my urge.then I told her I m planning to go to the toilet after teacher left and she agreed with me since it was about to finish the period.

Bell rang and I was happy to go to release my urge. OMG maths teacher came right away and he said he cant let any one go out untill he check homework. Oh god, what should I do nw. I came back to the seat. Then the teacher asked to get a queue for those who completed the home work and others to do it within 15 mins. I was at the middle of the queue. OMG another urge came and it was huge, I didnt have any air to release except poop. I came to christine and told her I cant hold it any more. Then she secretly asked me wt I was wearing under my skirt. I replied " A white panty" she then asked me if my bladder is full as well. I said no its only poop. Finally she asked me to let poop out if no control. And I thought If I let only little out no one would notice it.

There were about five girls in front of me and they were talking and laughing and no one knew wts going on with me except chistine. Suddently I felt I m gonna poop this time for sure and started let little out. Poop started coming to my panty with a little noice. christine was wise enough to talk to me like nothing is happening so no one suspect us. there were very little smell like a fart so it was not a big deal. Now I am in the queue with poopy panty. I start feeling so good when I think of what happened to me. christine also felt that im happy for wt happened. So she looked and smiled at me. She said " I know hw it feels.. I have gone through the same exprience" I was so happy coz she also must know hw it feels...

Now im the first in the queue. I felt little shy to talk to my teacher with poop hidden under my skirt.. I gave my book to the teacher. OMG!!! It started hitting again. teacher is looking at the book. I looked at christine with a question mark at my face. She winked with a smile. I stated little out again. My heat is beating fast nw. yes!! Im still safe.. everything going smooth. no one noticed. Teacher returned the book saying good. I went back at the class after showing a wink to christine. I wanted to continue this so I didnt go to the wash room. I wait till christine come back.. Im feeling so good nw... I feel like touching the sagging poop out side from my panty. But I thought I should be carefull If Im gonna continue this.

Christine came with a little smile and asked hw was it. I told her I dont want to stop this. She asked r there poop waiting to come out. I said ofcource its three days poop while laughing. She then said " Well Im so experienced in this, so I' ll tell u what to do" I was really happy. She took me to the wash room and she went to the wash room first. Then came out with two panties one is nylon pink and other one is light green cotton. She said She was wearing these two coz she had planed to poop on them on her way home. She said its always good to have extra protection so she used to wear multiple panties for pooping. she asked to wear them both together over my poopy one. I peed before taking them on. I felt little hunny to wear another girls panties. nw I am safe to go far more pooping. we both came back to class. and I sat very carefully. I spend my all day by pooping and I felt so good. Her perfume helped me to keep from smelling.
I spend all day pooping with her help. I didnt sat in the school bus and it was crowded too. There were all girls around me in my same age. I thought i would do little adventure here to make the best of my poop session. So I thought to let my all poo out in the bus.. So pushed a little. OMG all poop started coming out with pee. I tried my best to stop but now its too late.. Panties started get filling. by nw my panties are full of poop and still poop coming out. I closed my eyes and let it happen as my stomach needed. I can feel my panties stretching down to allow space for poop. I didnt want to open my eye so I kept closing like two minutes. I can feel poop has gone over to my vaginal area as well. I started smelling. OMG wt am I gonna do in next minute. Should I get off from the bus. Save me god.

I opened my eyes slowly. Everything is calm apart from fart smell. I slowly looked around. No one is staring at me yet. Then I realised that there is no chance of poop coming out of panty since Im wearing three panties. Thank god. Since bus is crowded no one could see pee coming over my leg. I am still safe. I feel so good now. Bus reached home I and I slowly got ready to get off. There were another two girls following me to get off with me. I got little confused if one of them gonna see my back. The following girl is queueing so close to me and her vaginal area touched my poop bump. Nw im pretty sure is gonna notice wts with me. Bus stopped and I got off. I was walking and I saw that girl also going the same way and smiled. She asked me If I have pooped. Then I got to tell a story to her. I reached my place and we were talking some times before leaving me.. Seems she is interested my poop story. Then I go home and had a bath. It was an amaizing day.
katygirly katygirly 26-30, F 27 Responses May 10, 2012

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what a good friend

Wow what an awesome story!


Your so CUTE

I wished I could have put my hand on your panties as it came outI know it feels good,it produces a very good ******.

haha this had me in stitches lmfao!!! is this genuine?

is english not your first language? that was tough to read...

This has failed to pass the EXPERIENCECHECKER. This post has been deemed "Fake".

This has failed to pass the EXPERIENCECHECKER. This post has been deemed "Fake".

When I need to poop in public as I am a male it is weird going into a stall if someone is in the bathroom as well as you are so I simply stand at the urinal do my business there which I mean by peeing and wait for the person to move out of the bathroom but if they don't I have had to pee in the urinal and poop my self at the same time so I have to stand there in poopy pants but then if they leave I go into the stall and empty my pants only once has my idea went wrong I was at school and I had to poop so I thought I would try my idea there so I peed in the urinal and pooped my pants but a bunch of older kids saw me poop myself and picked me up game a wedgie so the poop squashed into my anis and then they pulled down my trousers and taped my pants to me so I couldn't get them off

how awful...

Interesting story...

I love this, I wish my hand was on your butt as you filled!!! Really making me wet, think I will go and poo right now!! X

Where will you ... go.. ? to the potty??? for shame!!!

YES the potty! These stories amuse me, but in no way could there actually be people who purposely do this! Gosh, wow!



If I'd been there, I would have got you to sneak off with me & do it all standing up with your bottom bared so I could watch it all come out. Then I'd have wiped and dried you off before giving you a nice long licking & even nicer, longer nookie!!! X

I would love having a little girl like you who would poop her panties and then need daddy to clean her and put new panties on her. You sound precious.

Great story, I would have eaten all your poop from your panties.

Deffo the best story i have read all year, so well written and emotional, keep it up! so brave xx

the poop feels cold and refreshing, like a sweet secret! and OMG dont even get me started on the taste! so cool to have a friend that understands

I like pooping but I don't think its healthy to eat its full of bacteria. I just don't want you to get sick.

Ew. That's all I can say.........Ew.

That's hot wish I was the girl behind u

That was soo brave of u....congrats

So much what is going through my mind right now. It's unbelievable and hilarious.

You are brave

Amazing story. Very courageous

I could have NEVER been that bold when I was in school!!!!
You GO girl!!!!

Wow. Just wow. I wouldn't laugh. We all have our days...

oh my god this made me so hard can you film yourself next time

What else did you do in the bath ?