Mom Saw Pictures Of Me Having Gay Sex

Ok so the other week my freinds mom sherry found some pics of me him and three or 4 of our freinds who are boys also (( were all gay)) having gay sex anal and oral. Sherry has known me and James her son. Are gay together for about two years now and she is cool with it. We have all talked about it and she said she doesn't mind as long as we do it discreetly. She already knew James was gay before she knew I am. Me and James used to go down to th creek behInd his house to have sex. But after we did that almost everyday for a while she wanted to know what we do when we go back there. Apparently she spyed on us one day to see what we were doing and one day she told James that she knows what we do down in the creek and she had already seen us goin at it 6 or 7 times now. He said how she explained how she saw us do everything and how it's no big deal and there is no need to be embarrassed because she doesn't care. Two days later I wnent over to James and he told me how his mom had seen us. I kind of freaked out but he explained how she was cool with it and had caught him before. Then a little bit later sherry came home and we all talked about it and she reassured me that it was no big deal. And we talked about me being gay and how she had no idea I was gay untill she saw. She asked me if I was out or if my mom knew . At the time my mom had already caught me doing almost every gay thing u can do so she already knew I was gay. I guess she wanted to let her know if she didn't already know I was gay. Everything was cool unroll the other day when sherry found a bunch of pictures of me James and a few of our other gay freinds having sex. She doesn't care but she asked James about it and she said she sent the pictures to my mom and talked to her about everything we all do together. My mom is cool with me being gay but we don't talk about it. She told me she talked to sherry and she said saw the pictures of us. I didn't really know what to say and told her I didn't really want to talk about it. I just don't know what to do.
Clay325 Clay325
May 7, 2012