Boys Out In Their New Outfits

From what I see, boys today are wearing their new outfits in public settings. They are more relaxed and comfortable in them, Some have seen them in places like McDonalds and others. Boys today are saying wearing skirts and dresses are "cool" too. On many social media sites and Youtube, there is solid evidence of this happening more frequently too. They are going to parks and malls in them too. It happening more frequently now and will pick up speed. Why have skirts and dresses go to waste when boys will wear them out in public places and be different instead of clones of one another? Girls do not wear them much anymore, so lets pass them on to the boys now because they will wear them everywhere. We just need to loosen up on our attitudes towards this. Change is happening here and there is no stopping it now. We just have to accept it and move on with our lives.
andreaneejustinfield andreaneejustinfield 41-45, T 5 Responses Sep 13, 2011

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My fear remains that boys will be able to wear whatever they desire except that the only clothing available with be traditionally masculine pants and shirts as the base clothing. Today's girl just aren't buying dainty and frilly, soft and silky. They are buying harsh levies and butch shirts, ultra plane bikini briefs in only white and certainly no lace.

Skirts have become quite butch and almost masculine again, because today's females aren't buying "pretty". I guess my point is we will have unisex clothing but it will not include anything resembling feminine as most of us seem to want.

Try to find "dainty" girls' dresses in any big box store. Check out the total lack of pretty slips and meager selection of pretty panties.

I'm not seeing any trend back to "feminine". The styles keep getting more and more "butch" but with color. Anything resembling "feminine" comes from accessories.

A sissy like me just loves this trend, I hope it escalates to full femininty for men and boys in the near future!

Evie, It does seem to be growing. More and more YouTube videos, Pictures and stories are growing on the web. I have seen a couple of boys either in skirts or dresses just in my neighborhood alone. I read some recent polls and a lot of boys said they would have no problem with wearing dresses or skirts. Girls who also answered thought that these articles of clothing should be available to boys, not fancy things but still dresses or skirts. There are over 7 million sites on the web now espousing dresses and skirts for boys and these are NOT ***** or Gay sites.

A couple of weeks ago I was at a nearby mall and saw a boy of about 10 with a small group of girls. He was dressed from head to toe as a girl, including hair ribbons. I killed time and watched as they all entered a clothes shop. As I sauntered past I could see the girls holding items up against him. He looked rather scared and I just wished that I could have re-assured him that he looked really nice.

On other occasions in the last few years I have come across other instances of boys all gussied up. It is a real sweet trend.

While the boy appeared to be nervous, he did seem to enjoy the experience, did he not. A lot of boys would have changed places with him if they had the courage to go to the malls with girls all knowing what was coming. You should have reassured him that it was okay, for a dress or skirt, which ever he was wearing at the time, was NOT a indicator of his sexual preferences.

I don't see anything new fashion wise for boys these days. How much can be done with a pair of pants and a t-shirt? Boys are discovering new possibilities to make a statement.

Yes everyday it seems there are new videos appearing on YouTube of boys wearing skirts and dresses. Not just inside their homes either, some at McDonalds or Burger King, some in Target stores and other department stores. Is this a new trend emerging, who knows.