I Like To **** In Public

I've ****** my wife in public as much as she would agree to it. It's exciting being seen and knowing that you can be caught in public places. I remember one time in particular that my wife *** so hard she couldn't walk without taking a rest. We were at the Swan hotel at Disney World on a business trip. We had a dinner meeting scheduled and I talked my wife into wearing a short skirt that she did not feel was appropriate for business. When we left our room I dared her to take of her panties in the hallway. After much teasing she finally agreed. I asked to see the panties and quickly put them inside my pants pocket. She pleaded for her panties back but I said she could have them after our meeting was over. As we met with our co-workers in the hotel lobby her face turned 5 shades of red while blushing. Later she told she felt like everybody knew that her bare ***** was just an inch or two under the skirt. My wife keeps it clean shaved and she has the best pouty pink lips. I love my wife, she knows that I was hooked the first time I ever saw that perfect *****. Mid way through our meeting she whispered into my ear that she was so wet she was worried ***** juice would run down her leg. As soon as the meeting was over we walked to the courtyard. We found an outdoor restroom. I took her behind the restroom then proceeded to **** her hard standing up. She was ready to *** as soon as I put in from the excitement that had built up during our business meeting. I ****** her so hard she moaned, a few guys peaked around the corner to catch a peak but I just kept pounding that shaved wet *****. To this day she says it's the best sex she ever had.
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Awesome man! very hot!!!