Best Friend Or Worst Enemy?

Ever since I started secondary school I had a best friend called R and all throughout school and for a few years after she was interested in women. However whenever I mentioned a guy I liked she would end up flirting with them. She was always the better looking out of us and things got worse when she had sex with the guy I was into. She than broke up with D because I said I liked J.T and she is now pregnant with his baby and I was fine with it but when I got together with J.S she tried it on with him and I never forgave her, but we went out as a group me, R, J.T and J.S and it was all fine but I still can't bring myself to trust her around my partner I've been her friend for 10 years now but I'm starting to dread seeing her and to make matters worse she wants me to be an auntie to her baby.
NewSub2012 NewSub2012
18-21, F
Sep 29, 2012