Dream To A Nightmare

Falling in love with a man, he put a diamond ring on my finger,  after three words, " yes I do" from a dream to a nightmare dealing with this Freddy cougar on elm street, I can't wake up! Do people ignore me? Or they can't really hear me scream? I wanna run away but it's hard when your next to someone that's cocoo from the head, go out for a cigarette My feelings are all over the place like a puzzle, my heart went cold like the weather, it's not purple or blue eyeshadow, it's the only color from his fist, it's been too much that by now I thought my body would've been numb like coke after a taste, worst pains, find to hate yourself & **** with your mind and makes you stop dreaming big, no directions from this maze, be strong and walk away fear nobody but god almighty grow your positive feelings and believe in yourself again 
Karmliner Karmliner
18-21, F
2 Responses Nov 27, 2012

I'm not the one that goes through it, it was more like in general but turn it to my story get what I mean? But thank you nice comment and for those who do can take your comment as in to take and keep

If he's beating you up, you need to run. I think you'll find your positive feelings start to return once you're away from that abuser.