Help I Want To Stop! But I Can't

i've been suffering from trich for a year now and let me say its so depressing. i want to stop and i can't and because i love being in control, not being able to control this disease that i suffer it causes me depression and so much more. i would love to find people that understand me because i fell that im alone in this and i know noone that has trich like me so please give me advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

FieryRedHead FieryRedHead
13-15, F
3 Responses Feb 20, 2010

I have it too... just pray. I suffer with it. I get depressed but God can help.

BTW i can't add you because of age difference ( which ordinary is a good thing) , If you want to chat about it,, feel free to try and ad me if it is permitted.

best thing I've figured out tho at least sow down is become aware of when i do it then be come aware of every occasion so it consists of keeping a note book for each day and adding a tick for every hair I pull or single out and caress. And if I pull it snap an elastic on my wrist. That worked a lot to reduce it and slow things down and i thought i was better then this year in university with stress its back. agh!<br />
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the record is great because it shows progress. self awareness brings a bit more control If i ever beet it again i think i will be like an alcoholic and it will always be there waiting to consume me again so I will forever have to be on my guard