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I Always Spank Myself Bare......

Hello everyone

when i spank myself, i always do it on the bare bottom, here is what i do.
first of all i lay face down on my bed or the floor depends where i am then
i start off with my hand, i reach round to my bum and git myself a few times on each cheek to
warm myself up a bit. when i feel that i am warmed up, i then grab an impliment
such as a stick, rolling pin, wooden spoon etc and spank myself harder and harder.
sometimes i put a buttplug up my bottom for extra hulimination...
so there i am a buttplug up my bottom and laying face down on my bed.. i then
ensure teh butt plug stays there by using anything i can find to fix it there. i then reach round to my bottom
and hand spank each cheek for about 5 minutes or however long it takes for it to sting a bit then i move to impliments
such as paddle, hairbrush, rolling pin or a plastic, wooden srick and spank myself with that.
i continue with the impliments until i can no longer do it myself which is normally when my bum is on fire and
really really red and got lots of stripes on it.
then to finihs off i put some garlic root in my bum to make it sting after taking the butt plug out then i reinsert the butt plug to
ensire the garlic stays in there and suffer!
paulspankme paulspankme 22-25 19 Responses Nov 4, 2010

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Ginger root will work better than garlic. Burns a lot more.

I think this is disgusting in a place where people do real self harm.

Not just some weird fetish crap, keep this in the sex forums.

i always spank myself almost like that

Excellent stuff!

I think you need to go see a therapist

what in the world is a "But Plugg"???

It's like a ***** that you put in your butt but it stays in :/

The best advice for your dyslexia is to seek professional help and support.

I think the ginger-root trick is called "figging" - though it's not one I'd ever used on myself even though I use self-spanking too.<br />
<br />
Anything anal turns me off! (As a matter of fact I'm becoming squeamish about copulation, or at least regard as something not worth having missed for the last 12 years.)<br />
<br />
I've tentatively tried nettles, on the buttocks. The sting lasts longer than that from a spanking.

Also, if you chill a hand of ginger (instead of garlic) in a ziploc bag soaked cold water and cut a piece to a butt plug shape (pacifier shape), you can use it as a butt plug, and it will sting more as the cold wears away. It's good for putting yourself in the corner. Let yourself our of time out when the stinging stops.<br />
<br />
BTW, for people who wish to be found by spankers, it would help if you list your city on your profile, or a city near you or your profile.

When I was "too old to be spanked", I felt sort of abandoned, and guilt ate away at me whenever I made the slightest mistake. I used to sneak into the ba<x>sement/rec room at night, lay on the couch in the diapering position, pick a number of strokes, and spank myself with a hairbrush. I only allowed it to count if the stroke hurt. Later, I tried other things I came across in the ba<x>sement (ruler, slipper, electrical cord, etc.). When I went to college, the stress over my grades got so heavy, I found someone to spank me on a regular basis. It went great. I felt like I got to ease into dealing with things on my own from their. Now I give spankings to adults who need them.

Each to his or her own but I dislike anal activities so wouldn't use figging - which I believe was indeed originally with a piece of ginger root.<br />
<br />
I don't use rigid implements but I once had a home-made version of a crop, consisting of a length of rope about 5/16-inch diameter encased in two la<x>yers of electricians' thick-walled heat-shrink sleeving. (For those who haven't see this, it's a tube made from a type of plastic that when heated shrinks down to grip whatever is to be covered - normally used for insulating electrical wire.) <br />
<br />
Self-spanking by hand... no it isn't really effective and some find it rather silly. I don't know the origin of the multiples of 6 which I tend to use too, but Six ["of the Best"] was reputedly the limit of a severe caning in English schools. <br />
<br />
Some aver it was a legal limit to put an end to the horrific, gratuitous violence common in Victorian schools, but I've not seen any evidence of this. <br />
<br />
Although I recall it being a sort of "standard" number of strokes in an old school-story book set in a fictional, 1940s-50s, minor English public school, it was probably given most, and undue, public prominence by the early-1960s BBC radio & TV comedy series "Whacko", starring Jimmy Edwards as the cane-happy headmaster of such an institution. It was this show that coined the "of the best" suffix, I believe - it certainly used it - and the whole phrase is often used in the UK Press to list all manner of innocent things far, far removed from beating children.<br />
<br />
I gather the children's story series "Billy Bunter" often had its eponymous (anti-?) hero bent over for Mr. Quelch's cane - but whether he was always given six strokes or not I don't know. I seem to recall Bunter was introduced as "the fat owl of the Remove" but I suspect calling him a "fat owl" despite the bespectacled boy's wanton gluttony would pass the thought-police these days! <br />
<br />
(The "Remove" in English grammar schools was a sort of remedial form for slow - or lazy - pupils kept back a year to give them chance to catch up academically with their peers. My own State grammar-school had a Fourth-Year "Remove" until the 1960s, but as I remember the name was dropped when we all moved into a brand-new building. The idea was kept though, with the form designated "4R" I think, separate from the 2 groups of 3 classes in each 4th & 5th Year in a two-stream system. I was in the "slower", or more accurately less gifted, stream! As for the cane in my school... it was used but only rarely and I never heard of anyone having more than 4 strokes.)

Seems like quite a few of us like to give spankings as well as take them. I love being spanked OYK. If I'm being spanked or spanking I like to use a ginger figg as this stops clenching of the buttocks and makes the spanking more effective.<br />
<br />
If I am spanking myself, I always start of clothed bent over the bed. I then progress to bare hand spanking - again over the bed. This is very difficult and I find it almost impossible to cause more than mild pain. After about 36 swats on each cheek (always work in six's for some strange reason) I progress to my wooden paddle brush. I then progress on to a spanking paddle I bought of eBay. I then get of the end of the bed and bend over to finish myself of with a riding crop - believe me this hurts and it's really hard to keep up for more than a few strokes. I have at times used a wooden chopping board which is good and heavy. Makes my bum go numb quickly and causes beautiful bruising and it's quite sore to sit down for a while afterwards.<br />
<br />
Must admit though, being spanked OTK by a.n.other is far better than self-spanking. Its just difficult to find somebody (either sex) who will play at all let alone play regularly.

i love this! if i can't find someone to spank me, i'm more than willing to do it myself. i know it's supposed to be punishment, but it's a real turn on!

i completely agree, but sometimes you have no other choice than to do it yourself

Thank you for the tip. I have had some experience but with people living too far away to meet more than very occasionally.<br />
<br />
I do prefer OTK spanking for much the same reasons as you (Dtdog) give.

I like to spank myself because it is hard to find someone that I can rely on to give me a good spanking.<br />
I used to know someone who gave me the whipping I crave and I miss the pain and pleasure I felt.<br />
If you find someone to spank you let them give you an OTK (over the knee) spanking first, I prefer the feeling of submission. I have also spanked someone and it felt good to be in a dominant position as I smacked his bottom, this was also an OTK spanking.

Hey can u spank me somtime please!!!

Can you spank me some time please

Can u spank me some time

Always interested to read others' way in this although I would never use plugs or "figging" as I believe using astringents is called.<br />
<br />
Some who try this find smacking themselves by hand rather awkward (as I do) and a bit silly. I find it better to warm up by starting gently. <br />
<br />
Sometimes I use a cord whip across the bare back as well as various implements across the bottom. Rolling-pin? Wouldn't that be like a club? I prefer something a bit flexible, such as a home-made paddle cut from thick, heavy rubber sheet.<br />
<br />
To Lopo90 I'd say it is very hard to spank yourself very hard (errr... I know what I mean) by self-survival, so don't worry about it. Just let yourself go, let yourself stop, s it happens.

hey my son is only ten and you dumbass are treaching him to do this bull **** so watch your mouth

This thread is not for children.

Why are letting your young child read "adult entertainment" material - and teaching him bad language by example?

This thread is not only marked for adults, but this site is for 13 and over. If your kid is that young, you should be monitoring his internet use, and blocking sites with things you don't want him to see, not trying to control other people's free speech.

Ironic name there, bestmom.

how do you make it hurt?

i love spanking myself but cant to it hard enough and keep stoping shall i punish myself even more 4 this