Self Spanking

The first time I punished myself was a spanking, I was aged around 8 or nine and the family had gone into town shoooing. At sometime we end up in Woolworths, now this was a time when Woolworths was big, and stocked everything including a large shoe section. As my parents went off shopping for whatever they wanted I was allowed to wonder around like at the toys etc, one this particular day I went to the shoe section, and started looking at the different slippers, picking them seeing what the soles were like and then smacking my bottom with them, to see which slipper hurt the most. After trying the different slippers I moved onto the various Pe plimsolls which were stocked at the time and did the same again, have no idea why I did it.

Later when I was at secondary school I really started to punish myself, this time it would be for failings at school which I felt the teachers should have punished me. The main reason for my self punishments would be English lessons and the weekly spelling test. For every word I got wrong, I would have to write it out ten lines "I must learn how to spell ********" I would then give myself a number of smacks on my bare bottom with one of my old PE plimsolls.

Now a days I still adminster a self spanking and have a number of implemenst just for this reason, a sze six tradition style rubber soled slipper, and 4 size adult size 11 plimsolls, two balck and two white all with different soles. Those spankings are for a differnt story.
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I have a cat of nine tails that my G/F Mistress refuses to use on me. If I've ben a naughty boy and don't want her to know I will wait until she has gone to work and then get to work on myself.
I start by wrapping it round my hand so it is fairly short, geting into position, bent forward but not fully over, and slowly get into the rythym of left/right/left etc. This gets the circulation working and after 30-40 light flicks I start unwind from my hand at the same time increasing speed and strngth of strokes.
By the time I have finished the cat is at full length and power my bottom is a lovely glowing red and welted very well. The most lashes I hav managed is just over 500, it is a truly wonderful experience.
It also has the added bonus that later on my G/F Mistress will see the marks and give me a spanking with our favourite crop for being a naughty boy and not teling her.

I spank until I see a nice red bottom - which happens to be my own. I used to rely on mirrors, especially the ones in my parents' bedroom, to let me admire my cheeky backside as I paddled or strapped a hot, stinging blush across both bottom globes and my upper thighs. But with the advent of digital cameras, I've switched to photographing the spanking and viewing the results on my computer.

It's kind of an interesting psychological arrangement to be both spanker and spankee. Personally, I paddle my bum as hard as I possibly can. I crave the sting like a narcotic, so it's not as if I'd ever choose to hold back. I just stand by my bed with my pants pulled down and paddle away with an excellent wooden brush called a contour body brush. A terrific spanking tool!

Mother Nature gave me a bottom that soaks up punishment like a sponge. And when I'm done spanking, my bare bum resembles nothing so much as two scoops of strawberry ice cream - albeit somewhat warmer to the touch. ;-)

You and I should chat some more!

I spank myself with a belt slipper and lather paddle when I'm naughty

Nothing wrong with a self spanking. I started at age 17 laying naked on parents bed when they were out and watch myself in the mirror hand and paddle my bare behind. Soon got aroused with resulting pleasure.

Oh, I do it for pleasure! Similar story, though I don't use my hand.

"No idea Why"... i think that's common - why do we have our predilections including the ones you and I share to some extent?<br />
<br />
At school in the 1960s the Sixth-formers were allowed out of the gates during the lunch break, and I'd sometimes slip away to a secluded little beach. Sometimes I'd have to urge there to **********, and one day when I'd slipped my trousers and pants down I spotted a bit of old boat mooring-rope lying a yard or so away. I have no idea why but something made me try a few strokes. Not very hard, but enough to try again at home that evening, this time with a length of dowel that formed a rather symbolic mast for a wooden yacht-shaped bed-side lamp ba<x>se.<br />
<br />
I still use such stimuli, with assorted improvised implements.