Spanking All Day Long...

I have fallen behind in my house hold chores.  So all day to day I am grounded. I will have to leave my panties pulled down in the back all day and to night while i sleep to remind me of what the day will bring and to remind me what will happen every time i fall behind. The day started off with 50 swats of the paddle on my bare bottom and thighs. Then i set the timer for 15 minutes and started my chores. Every time the timer goes off I stop what I'm doing reset the timer and give my self another 50 swats with the paddle. As I'm sitting here typing about my punishment  the timer is ticking .As of now I have had 200 swats. when grounded bed time is 8Pm for me.I will be a very sore and sorry lil gurl by then. If I dong et finished with everything I have to do today it all starts over again first thing in the Morning with 5o swats on a ver sore and tender bare bottom and thighs again.
sisycrystal sisycrystal
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10 Responses May 10, 2012

Keep it up, sissy! Love the spanking and the cage!

I think a nice heavy buttplug is in order so that the spankings push it in deeper each time, don't you, dear?

yes Mam

it is better when you are tied and cant refuse ANYTHING

i agree...

mabe painful but well worth it

yes it is...

Oh me, oh my, what a what a bad hair day!!!

I believe it would be a lot more effective if someone else delivered you spankings. First... theres the additional humiliation... secondly...another person can give a harder spanking than you can to yourself.

Well... maybe you should come up this way for your next holiday vacation.... that way you could experience it first hand... lol

Why would you spank your self when I have chores that need doing? <br />
<br />
If you could behave normally and not like a sick freak, I'd put you to work around my friends and family doing the things we need done. Oh sure, I'd complain that you aren't working fast enough, and I'd yell at you in front of them. <br />
<br />
I'd take you in the bathroom shove the panties I was wearing in your mouth and pull down yours panties and spank your bare *** with the belt I wear around my waist. You'd better not make a ******* peep! Before we emerged, you'd be force to suck my bare feet and clean them with your slutty mouth. Then it's back to work for you.

i spank myself with the hairbrush find i can hurt more with that then wtih paddle once in whliei will try he belt

I just have to bend over and have my skirt lifted up to fully show my **** and I then have to take 150 lashes with a strap 35 at a time

it was a long painful day