I punish myself, by writing down the things I do, and that I think are wrong. Two times every week I meet up

with a lady Friend and read her the list. When I am done reading the list, she stands up, and tells me how many

swat's I will receive, as punishment for the things I've done wrong. She usually gives me about 60 swats, 20 with

each instrument I bring to he,r when I ask to be punished. I stand in front of her, with the paddles, cat o nine-tails

and a cane in my arm's. Look at her, and ask to be punished for my short comings of the week. She is a lady that get's no

joy from spanking me. She only dose it, because she love's me, and knows that I feel great after she's done. She

tell's me to bend over and grab my ankles or kneel down with your *** as far in the air as it will go. Are you ready?

She dos'ent even wait for an answer. She pop's me steady and forcefully 20 at a time, then pick's up the next

instrument of punishment, and whack's out 20 more a little harder. When she's on the last toy she spanks me hard

as she can for about 15 swats. The last 5 are harsh as they can be. I say thank you, and pick up the paddles

go to the other room and look at my stinging bottom. Red as it can be I feel forgiven, the more bruises and redness

the better I feel.

stingme stingme
51-55, M
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I enjoyed it. What a satisfying way to do it!