So That...

She wouldn't do it again... disrespect me!!! After all she is a close friend.

I have been very respectful and affectionate with words and deeds. Although sometimes I have been a very firm hand to help her break some bad habits, successfully :)  

Suddenly, she kept asking me if she could do something,  that could  turn out to be a  very bad  habit for her, and she was nagging me about it.... and nagging me about it,  how it would so fulfilling to her!!! Even at the 4th of July cook out, she kept nagging me about it.  Please let me do this, please let me do this ... UNTIL I punished her, she    FINALLY GOT IT! You won't believe what she kept nagging me about!!!
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6 Responses Jul 5, 2007

But what did this naughty girl do? Tell us more, please!!

Says nothing to me!?

This is how I punished her... till it really hurted her and she was in tears.. and started to ...

Yes, we all want to know.

Do tell!!!!

What is her habit, and how did you punish?!