NOTE: while I am posting this from my own account, it is actually my wife's story. She has not actually carried out this punishment, but has written this to let me know what it could be like.

Funishment vs. Punishment

I was researching a problem the other day… my husband had done something (it’s not important what it was) that he considered “unforgivable.” He was really broken up about it, and apologized to me repeatedly. I forgave him, even though I was deeply hurt by his actions, but he continued to feel bad about it. He asked me to “punish” him in some way.

Now, we play games in our marriage. I’m sure most couples do. One of the games we play involves me spanking him. I do it because I love the reaction I get. He gets hard as a rock and almost desperate to make love to me. It’s really great, and we both have fun with it. I consider this play spanking to be “funishment.” He gets spanked, either with my hand or, more often, a wooden spoon or my hairbrush. I get a rock hard **** and a great ride.

Now, I was faced with a problem. He wanted a punishment for the things he did. I wanted to give it to him, not because I wanted to hurt him back, but because he needed the cathartic release from the responsibility for what he did. He needed to know that he had “paid the price.” It was affecting our relationship, and not for the good, that he felt like he couldn’t make amends to me for what he had done. I knew I had to deal with it, for once and for all, but I didn’t want to take the thing we do for fun and cheapen it, or take away from the aspects we both enjoy.

I knew he wanted a spanking to be able to let go of what he had done. A “real spanking” as he put it. We talked about it, and I gave him the option of me spanking him, but warned him that it might make me less likely to engage in spanking for fun in the future. His response was as I expected… he didn’t want to jeopardize the fun thing by turning it into a punishment. But, at the same time, I knew that he deeply regretted what he had done and needed some way to atone for it.

I started looking at information on the computer about women who punish their husbands. For the most part, it seemed to be of the fun variety… playing at spanking. Some sites were about domestic discipline and the woman leading the relationship and the entire household, but I thought that was taking things way too far. I don’t want to be his mother, for crying out loud, I want to be his wife. I love that he is strong and protective and that he takes care of the bills, fixes things around the house, and does the driving when we go out. I enjoy being the female in the relationship and letting him run the show most of the time, as long as we both agree on the important details. I think of ourselves as equals in our relationship… I don’t want to be the “mistress” with him being the “slave.” I didn’t marry a slave, I married a man, and I wanted him to continue to be manly.

For these reasons, the sites that advocated domestic discipline didn’t really appeal to me. They often devolved into the woman feminizing the man, making him wear panties under his work clothes, do household chores in the nude, and things like that. They also often punished their men by making them act like children, standing in the corner, writing lines, mouth soaping, and other nonsense like that. None of these things interested me, and I just felt silly even thinking about them. I wasn’t sure if my husband would agree, in any case, although he was feeling badly enough about his transgression that he probably would have agreed to just about anything.

One thing I took away from these sites, however, was the need for being able to impose a real punishment. I was getting the feeling that I needed to somehow punish him or what he had done would just eat him up from the inside out. I did, however, find some things that other people did that seemed like they might help. One of them was to make the punishment different somehow from the normal spanking for fun… to make it different enough that it would be obvious that it had nothing to do with what we did for fun. I wasn’t sure exactly how I was going to do this, but I knew I had to do something.

Normally, when we were going to play with spanking, we would both be nude and already fooling around. I’d tell him that he was a “naughty boy” and needed a spanking and he would say something like “yes ma’am.” I’d sit on the edge of the bed and pull him over my knee, then give him a few dozen swats on the butt. When I asked him about it, he said it would sting a little, but wasn’t really very painful. If I used my wooden spoon, it would sting a lot more, and he would fidget around as I spanked, but he wouldn’t cry or try to get away or anything like that. I knew I was doing a good job, because I could feel his erection growing as it pressed into my lap. After anywhere from a few dozen up to a hundred or so swats, I’d be ready for some sex and so would he, if you know what I mean. I knew that neither of us wanted to mess with this dynamic, as it worked for us and was fun and productive.

Finally, I screwed up my courage and sat down to talk to him about it. I started by ensuring him that I loved him and always would. He responded similarly, which I knew he would. I then told him that I knew that he wanted some kind of punishment for what he had done. He simply nodded. I reminded him that I didn’t want any kind of punishment that would impact the things we did for fun, and he replied that he didn’t either, as he really really enjoyed it. Finally, I came right out and asked him what he wanted for a punishment. No holds barred, I wanted to know what it would take for him to get over what he had done and be able to move on. He again repeated that he felt he needed a “real spanking,” one that would be very severe, not “fun,” and that he would not ever want to receive again. I asked him how he thought I could do that without affecting the spankings that I gave him for fun, and he wasn’t sure. He didn’t want to break anything, or take away from anything that we did for fun. I knew these things as we had talked about them before, but I just was setting the stage for the next phase of our conversation.

I told him that I had been thinking about this situation for a while, and I had come up with some ideas. I wanted to run them past him and see what he thought. I also really wanted to gauge his reaction and try to see if he was excited about being punished for real or if it would end up not really solving his problem. Here are some of the ideas that I had come up with as I presented them to him:

* in order for it to be a punishment, it would not be associated with sex. There would be no sex before and definitely no sex after.
* it would be severe. He would definitely know afterwards that he had been punished. I told him to expect his butt to be sore for several days afterwards, and that there would likely be some bruising. Obviously, I told him, I didn’t want to do any permanent damage or leave any scars or anything like that, but he definitely would not be enjoying it (at least, not after I really got going).
* it would be done at a time and place of my choosing. He would not have any input into the decision, and he would be required to comply. For example, if I were to call him at noon the next day and tell him that the time was now, he would have to tell his boss he had to leave (for a family emergency or whatever) and come home immediately to receive his punishment. He would have no option to delay or reschedule. He was also not to talk about it or ask for it prematurely.
* while he would be nude to receive the punishment, I would not be. Remember, I told him, that this wasn’t about sex, this was about punishment. It wasn’t going to be fun.
* he would not be punished in the bedroom. The bedroom was our sanctuary and the place we went together to be intimate. This was punishment and would not be associated with intimacy. I hadn’t decided where the punishment would take place yet, but it definitely wouldn’t be in the bedroom.
* his position would be different. I would not be taking him over my knee for this spanking, as again, that position promoted intimacy as his **** rubbed against my lap and his body was in contact with mine. I hadn’t decided what position he would be in, but it wouldn’t be the same as the one we used for our fun spankings.
* the implement I used would be different. As I was planning a long hard spanking, I knew my hand was not up to the task, so some kind of implement would be needed. I routinely used a wooden spoon or my wooden hairbrush (that he had bought me) for fun spankings, so those were out of the question for this one.
* after the spanking was over, he was to be completely exonerated for the bad behavior that he had been living with. This was the most important factor for me, as if he didn’t feel fully punished and redeemed, then the whole exercise would have been for nought. I made sure he agreed to this last point as I felt it was the most important.

After I explained how this was going to happen, I asked him what he thought. He looked at me with some trepidation, but also with a glimmer of hope in his eye. I could tell that he thought this would really work and would really free him from his inner demons that were tearing him up. The relief that I was willing to do this for him was apparent in his face and body language. It was clear to me that this was something he needed, and it was something that was within my power to give. Amazingly, just knowing that a real punishment was coming seemed to help him deal with his grief.

The next few days required significant preparation, as I needed to make sure this whole thing went off as I had planned. I had certain preparations that needed to be made. First, I had to acquire a spanking implement that would not be associated with our fun spanking games. It couldn’t be a wooden spoon or hairbrush, but needed to be something with similar capabilities. I thought about my options, but it really came down to only a few possibilities: a leather strap, a paddle of some kind, or a cane or switch. I read up on the use of each of these, and each had their advantages and disadvantages. A strap required a great deal of control, in order to make sure only the targeted area was hit. A cane or switch was more likely to leave permanent marks or to damage the skin and even cause bleeding. I knew I didn’t want that. I decided that it would have to be some kind of paddle. I started shopping around online and wouldn’t you know it, there are only about a million and a half different paddles out there, and they ranged in price from twenty up to a hundred (!) dollars. Yes, that’s right, a hundred dollars for some paddle made from some very expensive wood and polished to a high sheen, complete with leather lanyard that you could put around your wrist so if you accidentally let go you wouldn’t send it sailing across the room. Sheesh!

I finally settled on a generic wooden paddle. I found it on Amazon: and it was only about $15 (I opted for the standard maple wood). I placed my order and continued my preparations while waiting for it to arrive. I made arrangements for the kids to spend the weekend at grandma’s house on an upcoming weekend. I didn’t tell my husband about this, as I wanted it to seem spontaneous. I booked a suite at a hotel in the city for the same weekend. I also purchased a few other items from local stores (some sweat pants that would fit my husband, a white t-shirt, and a couple of wide leather belts).

Friday afternoon, I checked into the hotel and started setting things up for the evening. Once I was prepared, I called my husband at work. It was only about ten minutes before he normally got off, so I told him to finish his day and then to meet me at the hotel. I informed him quite plainly that the date of his punishment was at hand. He got really quiet on the phone and I’m sure a million thoughts were flying around his head, then he said he would be there as quickly as he could.

When he arrived and knocked on the door of the suite, I opened it and allowed him to look at me for a moment. I was wearing a very simple skirt and blouse, but the way he eyed me hungrily you would have thought I was in some kind of kinky dominatrix outfit! I told him to come in and to *****. He immediately kicked off his shoes and took off his tie, shirt, and pants. Everything, I told him, and he quickly pulled off his socks, shorts, and even his watch, leaving all of his clothes in a little pile on the floor. I told him to pick his clothes up and fold them, that we don’t just leave our clothes lying on the floor. He immediately started doing what I said, and I noticed that he was getting a partial erection.

I had kinda figured that might be a problem, since he loved for me to take control in the bedroom and I was being way more controlling already than he was used to. I had some ideas on dealing with that, but I had a process in the works, and wanted to get on with it. I handed him the t-shirt and sweats and told him to put them on. He looked puzzled until I got a stern look on my face and told him it wasn’t a request. At that point, he quickly put them on. His erection was tenting out the front of the sweat pants a little, but that was okay for my purposes. I handed him an envelope and the room key and instructed him to go down to the front desk and to hand the desk clerk the envelope, then to wait for the clerk to give him something and then to return to the room. He looked at me and then down at his erection, but he could tell from my expression that it was not up for debate. I noticed that his erection wilted a little, but there was still a noticeable tent in his pants. When he went to slip his shoes on, I told him to just go barefoot (he never goes anywhere barefoot, even wearing slippers at home, so this was even more disorienting for him).

I had previously given the paddle to the desk clerk, a young lady, and informed her that a man would be along to retrieve it. When he came, I told her to just give it to him with a smile. As my husband left the room, he was shaking a little, and his erection had almost completely subsided. He returned in only about ten minutes, and he had the paddle in his right hand and the note in his left. Here’s what the note said:

To Whom It May Concern:

The man bearing this note has come to the front desk to retrieve the instrument of his punishment. Please make sure that it is given to him and then return this note to him and ask him to read it to himself. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Honey, you are to take the paddle from the clerk and return to our room. You are to hold the paddle in plain sight and if anyone asks you about it, you are to inform them that you will be punished with it tonight. Bring the paddle and this note back to our room.

I asked him to detail what happened when he arrived at the front desk. He told me about the young female clerk and how he walked up to her and handed her the envelope. She had opened it and then looked at him with a funny smirk on her face, then told him to wait a moment while she went into the back room. She returned with the paddle and handed it and the note to him, then told him to “have fun” as he walked back to the elevator to return to the room. I asked him if he was embarrassed by the experience and he said that he was mortified, but he knew that he had to do it. Of course, we don’t know the desk clerk and will probably never see her again, so it really wasn’t too much for him, but his erection had definitely faded by the time he returned from the lobby.

I led him into the sitting room of the suite where I had slid the furniture around a little. The room had a couch and a low coffee table in addition to the typical TV. While he was gone, I had taken his clothes and put them in a drawer… he wouldn’t be needing them for a while. I walked up to him and yanked the sweats down to his ankles, then had him step out of them. I also slid the t-shirt up and off him. The coffee table was slid out in the middle of the room and I had placed a hotel towel on top of it. I pointed at it and told him to lay down on his back on the table. He looked a little confused, but did as he was told. I took the two belts that I had purchased and connected them together to form a long loop. I then lifted his feet off the floor and slid the belt around them so his legs ere in the middle of the big loop. I had him slide to the edge of the table so his butt was hanging just slightly off the edge and then I started lifting his legs and pulling them up and back towards his head. I hooked the belt loop around behind his neck so that his legs were jack-knifed up in front of him and his but and **** and balls were on display. It’s kind of hard to describe his position, but if you think of how you would hold a baby’s ankles and lift it’s legs up in the air while changing it, you will kind of get the picture. The belt was simply to help hold his legs in position so he wouldn’t have to try to hold them there by himself and so I wouldn’t have to hold them for him.

Now that he was in position, I started talking to him. I informed him that this was to be punishment, not fun. This was a serious matter and it was intended to resolve the issues regarding his transgression. And by resolve, I told him, I meant fully and permanently resolve. After this punishment, we would not discuss the problem again and I expected him to act and behave as he had prior to the problem.

I took a long look at his sexy body, lying there on the table with his legs in the air and his junk hanging out, just waiting for my punishment. I wasn’t really enjoying it, but that was okay with me as I knew that he needed this. I took the paddle in my right hand and stepped over to stand next to him. I asked him if he was ready and he said he was. I started spanking, using very hard swats with no warm up at all, just moving straight into a very hard and severe spanking with the paddle and alternating between his left and right cheeks. I was counting out loud as I spanked as I didn’t want to get messed up and lose my place. After about ten swats, he was already starting to pink up and was looking a little uncomfortable. This was way earlier than normal, but I suspected that the position I had him in was contributing to the speed of the reaction since his butt was stretched tightly rather than being able to bounce around like it does when he is over my knee. He had also redeveloped his erection and it was obviously as hard as a rock, similar to during one of our play spankings. I was somewhat concerned about this, as I definitely didn’t want to have any confusion that this was a punishment rather than play. After twenty swats, he was really starting to squirm, but I showed no sign of slowing. I had promised myself that I would give no less than 100 hard swats for this to be a “real” punishment, and I was bound and determined that I would get there. I, of course, hadn’t told him how many he was going to receive.

After about forty swats, I stopped for a moment and asked him how he was doing. He replied that it hurt, but he was committed to taking the full punishment. I inspected his butt and noted that it was quite red by this point and I made sure to point this fact out to him. His erection had also subsided by this point and it no longer looked like he was enjoying the process. After a brief rest (just a minute or two) I switched hands and walked around to the other side of the table. My research had shown that it was not unusual for disciplinarians to get tired during the process and to spank lighter than they wanted to. While my left arm was not as strong as my right, I figured I would be able to keep up the pace. Without warning, I started in again, continuing to count off each whack as it was applied. By fifty he was really squirming and had started to make little gasps and yelps with each spank. I took another break at seventy and told him how proud I was of him for taking his punishment like a man. He had tears running down his cheeks, but had not asked me for mercy (our code word for when it was too much to handle… I guess some people call it a safe word). I knew he was really hurting and his butt was starting to turn a deep purplish red as I continued my task.

As I moved on from seventy, I switched back to the other side (and other hand). I also slowed down the spanking considerably, giving him several seconds between each swat. I knew from his reaction that the pain must be intense, but he continued to accept each swat without using our code word. I couldn’t believe that he was letting me do this to him, and I was feeling a little sick as I continued the spanking knowing that I was hurting him terribly, but I knew that he needed this in order to free himself from the guilt he had been holding on to. I had to finish the job. At ninety, I stopped again to see if he was still okay. He gritted his teeth and said he would take all I felt necessary to dish out. I told him that he was almost done and again how proud I was of him and how much I loved him.

I finally finished the one hundred spanks and put the paddle down. I told him he was done, but that he needed to stay in position for a little longer. I quickly went to my bag of supplies and retrieved the Arnicare cream that I had also found on Amazon ( This was recommended by some of the spanking sites as good for use after a spanking as it would sooth and heal the skin. I applied a generous amount to his bruised and beaten butt and gently rubbed it in. He winced at each touch, and I knew it must hurt a lot, but I knew from my research that he needed something to ease the pain and that me rubbing it on his butt would show him that I cared and wanted to help him after giving thin the spanking that he needed so badly. I released his legs from the belt, but it took a while for him to move them back down to the floor. His rear was still hanging off the edge of the table, and I figured he didn’t want to sit or put any weight on it. I helped him to stand up and then gave him a long and hard hug. He was trembling and sweating after the beating he had withstood and I told him again how much I loved him and how proud of him I was for taking his punishment. I also reiterated that this paid the price for his misdeeds and that he was now completely exonerated. I told him that we needed to move forward now and not look back at previous mistakes. He nodded but couldn’t speak.

I had him drink some water and then guided him to the bed, and had him lie down on his tummy. I knew he wouldn’t want to lie on his back for quite a while. I got him some ibuprofen and made him take them, then told him to just rest as I covered him gently with the sheet. I went back into the main room of the suite to clean things up, but I checked on him often. He had fallen asleep in spite of the pain, I guess because of the exhaustion from the spanking. After an hour, I gently woke him and applied more cream to his butt. He told me that he needed to talk, so I sat down on the bed beside him. He told me first how grateful he was that I was willing to punish him for what he had done. He promised to never repeat the behavior, and reiterated his love for me. I told him how much I loved him, as well, and how I hoped that this would allow him to stop fretting and feeling guilt. I told him that I forgave him completely. He told me how he finally felt like he had done something to help make it right, even though he knew that there was no way he could make it up to me. He was at least happy that he had had the cathartic release he needed.

After a while, I helped him stand up as he said he needed to go to the bathroom. He could still barely walk and took very small steps. I asked him if he wanted his underwear back, he shook his head no. Of course, I understood… any pressure at all on his rear was still excruciating. I applied more cream after he laid back down, and paid special attention to the sore spots, rubbing it in gently. We stayed in the suite, with the do not disturb sign up, for the rest of the weekend. He didn’t do much other than lie on his tummy and let his butt heal. I also continued with rubbing in the cream periodically, and by Sunday he was ready to go home. He was also able to wear his underwear and pants again by then, but he did walk very gingerly. It took several weeks for his butt to heal up completely, but I showed him how much I loved him as often as possible and he did the same. We were back on track.

I have to say, I didn’t like having to punish my husband, but it did seem necessary. Before the punishment he was moping around, feeling guilty and doubly guilty as he couldn’t find a way to make amends. Afterwards, he was back to his normal self (although he hasn’t asked for a spanking as part of sex in a while… I’m going to have to talk to him about that). While I hated doing it, I know that it was necessary for him, and I love him enough to do it for him. I just hope I will never have to do it again.
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