NIKON D70 and 300mm Lens

NIKON RULES!!   and I LOVE LOVE LOVE my long lens....  it captures people when they don't know you are watching..  love to crop in tight to the point of total abstraction.. 


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My mother had an Olympus that gave her no end of trouble and the user interface was terrible. <br />
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That said, given that only Olympus make cameras designed to take everywhere, I think I'm more than willing to give it a chance when I have more disposable income! Especially given I've seen the sort of shots that you've produced with it.<br />
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You're right, a remote shutter button would be great, although I guess part of that is I'm just too lazy to set the self timer. Cave photography must have been fun! Such interesting structures and textures.<br />
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Lacking a proper flash, I quite like available light photography. I think a fast lens would really help, because I always seem to be making compromises when shooting at night. And everything still turns out blurry hahhaaha.

I love my Olympus.. The Cannon's function buttons were a little friendlier but the waterproof aspect would definately outweigh that small point..<br />
the Olympus takes GREAT PICS.<br />
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I hate lugging the tripod around too and don't even get that much sharpness with it at nite with existing lite (long exposure) shots.. I really need a remote shutter button.. We used one in our cave photography.. back in the old 'film' days..

The pocket olympus that I was thinking of getting maybe was this one...<br />
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It's kinda pseudo specialised. Water proof to 10ft. Shock proof to 5ft. The kind of camera you really *don't* have to worry about taking anywhere. More that aspect than the waterproof, I think. Although last night, staring at the reflections off the wet tarmac on the carpark, I really felt the need for a very fast lens... not like I want to lug my tripod around everywhere, and when I'm not tired, I'm stead for 2s exposures I think.

LOL.. seems like you'd need a specialized camera just for that.. Our lakes are't pretty from underneath like the ocean would be... never though of it as a need..

I guess I don't actually go swimming. But it'd be fun to be able to shoot the water, or the land from the water. Or immerse the camera in a stream :D


Yes, but you can take the Canon S500 swimming? ;)

If you're looking into a pocket cam.. I also had a Cannon S500 which I liked a lot better.. It was much more user friendly.. I gave it to my step daughter when I bought the SLR.. FYI.

Yes, although there's a lot said about how it's not the equipment that counts, there's stuff you can do with a fast macro lens that you just can't do with other lens. Especially when your ideas run to looking for the unusual aspects in things.<br />
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That Olympus pocket camera catches some superb moments, and looks like it has great colour reproduction! And I couldn't agree more about opportunism. I mean, I am pretty much a joke as far as actually being a photographer of any stripe, I just like to take pictures, and find the ideas of photography interesting. This isn't a bad thing, what I'm leading into saying is that I get a huge amount of pleasure from the camera in my cell/mobile phone. Just walk around taking photos of all sorts of things. It's just great, and it forces composition strictness the same way that a prime lens does, because it has no useful zoom.<br />
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For that reason, I'm almost contemplating buying an Olympus pocket camera myself, just it suits the opportunity shooting that I enjoy. More specifically though, I think it'd be great to have one of those super tough, waterproof and shock resistant cameras that Olympus make. Probably would take more photos carrying one of them about than I ever would spending the same amount on a lens. Shoot in the rain with impunity! Shoot underwater. Lug it absolutely everywhere.<br />
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And I refused to contemplate photography as a hobby before digital - the cost of prints was just too high! Now, the only problem is having to weed out all the junk fr<x>ames later :D

I would DIE for a Macro lens.. I love the close ups.. <br />
Need to download some of our cave formation pictures from the early nineties.. they're all on slide and I'm lazy about scanning.. <br />
Definately agree with the brand loyalty comment.. but like you say.. who can afford to carry two brands.. <br />
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I do have an Olympus pocket camera.. My dog pic you commented on was taken by that one.. and the Starbucks lamp (Looks like a big orange egg) was snapped while waiting on a latte... I'm going to start carrying it again.. so many pics are just opportunistic..<br />
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The blue sky window reflection was taken with the little Olympus too.. captured just because I had the camera with me when the picture presented itself.. (Extreme Home Makeover approached me on that one to use in a local build they did for a disable Iraq Vet here in TN).<br />
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The main thing is SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT.. You never know what you'll get..<br />
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and Speaking of cost.. don't you just love the digital age.. DELETE function is the greatest thing since sliced bread.. I hated shooting rolls and rolls of film only to get one or two worthy keepers!! Especially when we were shooting slides!!

It is a tough choice! I had no brand loyalty (still don't, just have two lenses, which becomes a sort of defacto loyalty thanks to budget issues!) before hand, I just went into a shop and tried out both bodies in my hand, and the Canon just felt better. I think it seems to really just be a matter of individual choice, and reading what the pros write about their cameras, the stuff that they differentiate between the two brands seems almost irrelevant to someone without even a complete entry level kit.<br />
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(I have no external flash, no wide angle, no macros, no lens faster than f3.5... I don't really think the brand makes too much diff for me!).<br />
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(Apart from the fact that canon make this really, really, really cheap 50mm f1.8 lens for less than $100 or something. Seems really fun, I might have to get one).

Great hands and a tripod.. <br />
Someone once told me the Cannon lenses are steadier than Nikon and I do have a hard time holding focus.. It was a tough choice between the two brands.. <br />
Both are GREAT!!<br />
I do love my Nikon though..

Ooohh. I think the current count in this group is 3 canon users to 2 nikon users. Do you have a super duper fancy VR 300mm? Or just great hands +/- a tripod?