Canon Rebel Xt.

I spent months saving up for one, and finally managed to buy a Canon Rebel XT secondhand for a decent price.  The problem now is that I hardly ever use it, because I am accustomed to my film SLR and have not warmed to the look of digital yet.  I also find the controls complicated and less user-friendly.

EPGrace EPGrace
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1 Response Jun 15, 2009

Study that manual, my friend. Take a course. Practice, practice, practice. I still shoot film, but I sold cameras for quite a while, and a lot of D-SLRs left my shop. There's a reason why, too, because they are that good. It's hard giving up on film. I've thought about it, but I hardly take pictures any more, and my Nikon F-75 till kicks a**. So . . . <br />
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Hope you enjoy your new camera. Make sure to post some pics for us.