Me Perfect?.. I Wish

I want to be 120 lbs, no acne, and no more braces! But no i've pretty much done everything in my bodily power to make my self what i want to be and i'm stuck with 142 lbs, a zit or 5, and big clunky braces. My biggest insecurity is my wieght hands down, i'm surrounded by perfect 110 - 120 lbs girls everywhere it seems like and i can't help but compare myself and wish i had their bodies. I want to  be able to make out with a guy and feel sexy when i take my shirt off, I want to wear a swimming suit and not look 200 lbs, and i want to have a "hot bod" so i can hasve confidence to flirt and find a  GOOD guy.

Simplymissuderstood Simplymissuderstood
4 Responses Jul 9, 2010

There is no embracing braces - its the pits- was the worst 2 years of my life- when mine came off I felt like I was being freed! I say yank em doc! xxx

Hon. God made you the way you are, embrace it

What is your height? Unless you are 5'2" then 120lbs. might be too little for you.<br />
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Personally I like my acne, want braces and to gain weight.

I am the same way. I am like 130, maybe 135. And I have scalp and body psoriasis so I cant wear a swim suit. It sucks. And I envy almost EVERYONE around me becuase I tell myself Im suppose to look like that. Some of my friends tell me how pretty they think I am but I feel like Im never good enough.