Not Because I Don't Want Too Be Hurt.

So most people would say that they push people away because they don't want to get hurt. As stupid as this might sound i do the opposite. Im a realist and think way to deep into the future. I push people away because im affraid that i will get too close and they will find out to much about it. I also push people away because im scared of the awkwardness and weirdness.

ill give an example. There's this guy sam. In all my classes , great friend to me, gentleman , trust worthy , always there for me, hot body ( not so much hot face) but hes quite amazing.
At one point in time he would do anything to be with me and i wanted him so much too but at the same time i didn't and i pushed him so far away that we were barely friends anymore. i did this because i was sacred that if we DID go more than friends it would be awkward and he would find out too much about what i really feel in my heart.
I don't regret that because i knew in my heart as much as i would like him it wouldn't work too be anything more , and i knew that.
But i hate the fact that i can't let anymore close enough to really know ME for ME.
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1 Response Jul 21, 2010

i know exactly how you feel. <br />
and people dont really understand, like its difficult to explain to people but its even harder to feel that way.