Self Destructive

i am not very comfortable  when people do come so closer to me after a limit.... i dont want to let people know when i am hurt or about any of my feeling... even with my best friends and family... but in a special relation it happens and thats where i start pushing that person away... may be thats why i always end up alone... but i cant change this thing in me....  i know that person is so special or that friend is special but when they want to cross that limit emotionally... i  push them away... can come one help me in this???
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I used to do this, you need to tell the special person that you have problems getting close and hopefully they will understand and take it very slowly :)

I understand your view and found that it's a personal safety issue. Your subconscious protects you and your emotions. Consider the thought when your head ( conscience) and heart ( sub conscience) agree it will be easier to open up

It feels good when somebody is there,
feels better when somebody shares,
feel best when somebody cares.
Very few lucky ones get all these three...

hi,<br />
hope my comment help <br />
perhaps u shall discuss this to ur own self, at least u are sure enough why u be like that<br />
and tell them, the special people that want to know u closer or u want to be closer with them<br />
let them know till the limit u think is fine, <br />
good day :3

Yeah you are right... i have to workout on it by myself.... i should talk about it with my close ones.... Thank you for advise... it will be helpful... god bless... &lt;3