I Wish I Could Forget!

when i was younger maybe like 14 15 i was a fun bubbly girl who had loads of male friends but not alot of male attention so when a male friend started showing me some affection it weirded me out abit and i took things really slowly.

he use to ask me out all the time but i kept saying no. i didnt understand why he would want to be with me. then one night i was out with my girlfriends and a girl id recently fallen out with who happened to be this guys ex rung me saying how much this guy liked me and i should give him a chance....so after consulting with my girls i decided to go for it this was going to be my first proper boyfriend.

10 minuits later the ex rung me back and said it was all a joke and he was going back out with her now! ive never realised it before but that has had a massive affect on my relationships.

until now ive pushed people away or got mad at them for showing me attention because i always think they are just doing it as a joke. but ive met a guy that i like alot and i keep pushing him away hes trying so hard to prove to me that he likes me and im just ruining it with my insecurities im driving myself mad but i cant get over what happened before. it was like 7 years ago and i know im being stupid but i dont know just accept that he is for real.
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Sep 24, 2012