Run-away Girl

This poem was written for me by a good friend here on EP, the last time that I left. She did not know but I had come back on without letting her know and read all the beautiful things she wrote about me. This one I copied and pasted to keep, but now I want to share it!

Run-away Girl

I once knew a girl who was running away
From what? I did not know. 
Friends, family, perhaps a marriage
That she could not keep in tow.

Her soul was pure. Her heart was too.
On passion she did feed.
But she lost her way, one cold day;
And how my heart did bleed.

This girl who could inspire;
With words, and love and mind.
Felt betrayed and violated;
By one’s who should be kind.

To me she was charming and happy;
A pure joy to behold
Contentment is life’s nemesis;
And new friends soon grew old. 

Like turtles, upon a shore;
When threatened by a foe.
They hibernate into their shells;
And so this girl did go.

She ran away, one warmer day;
Did she look back? I know not.
The burdens of life too hard to bear;
Some memories were left to rot.

I knew a girl who was running away;
And while my soul doth weep
I hope she’s in a better place;
Perhaps tonight she’ll sleep.

By: Elandra77
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Oct 10, 2012