Goodbye My Light

Apologies whisper behind my lips.
Memories ring inside my head.

The pain, the loss, the tears.

Dancing with my heart, many do.
Light fingertips turn to blades.
I let go.

So, I've blown out my light.
So warm and bright.
Lighting my way in the shadows.
Crackling peacefully as I slumber.
As a spark sears my skin,
I extinguish it quickly.
And stupidly I freeze.

Dark silence surrounds me.

I slip away.
With thoughts.
Only of what used to be..
And what could have been.

SgtWalrus SgtWalrus
22-25, F
3 Responses Sep 13, 2013

So tragic and poetic. There seems to be some romance in your relationship with the darkness that surrounds you.
I live in a similar realm. I tend to invite it.


Really good

(:D Like music to my eyes! ^ ^ I enjoyed this a lot!

Thanks. That's very sweet of you :)

o: Why are you thanking me when yuu wrote the awesome stuhffs?

Thank you for.... Taking time to read it... And like. Enjoying it? o.o

Lol! ^ ^ Such great lengths to give away such a thank you!

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