He pulled the covers over her naked, sleeping body. She seemed at peace with herself he thought as he brushed the hair from her face. In the corner a candle flickered, sending dancing shadows around the bedroom. It had been an eventful night, one that he hadn't planned for. Stepping silently into his trousers he caught a glimpse of her smiling in her sleep. How beautiful she looked to him. Her hair splayed across the pillow where he himself was laying only moments ago. It seemed an age since they had met but could it really be only a month?

He slid his arm into the sleeve of his crumpled shirt. He stopped awhile and pressed it to his face. He loved her perfume, it reminded him of their first night. How could a chance meeting change his life so much, so quickly? He wondered. Sitting on the bed beside her, he ran his fingers gently across her cheeks. "You know that I love you, don't you?" he whispered, knowing he could never say it out loud. No, too much hurt in the past always meant he could never leave himself vulnerable again. The boots slid easily onto his feet, the same boots that she had earlier removed in expectation. He would never forget this night. Yeah, he'd been here many times before but this time it was different. This time he cared. This time it hurt him to leave.

As he opened the bedroom door he took one last look back. She looked so serene, so in love. He hated himself for it but he knew he had to go.

The door closed with an almost silent click as he left the only woman who could have made him happy.
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Why did you have to leave . Thats so sad

You just like broke my heart into like 47381937 different pieces

Oh definitely!